January 4, 2019
Bella Thorne Reflects On Healthy Weight Gain With Throwback Bikini Pics On Instagram

Bella Thorne got real with her fans in her latest Instagram post, where she shared three throwback bikini photos and reflected on her healthy weight gain in 2018. The photos showed Bella wearing a couple of different bikinis, including a black-and-white polka-dot piece with red accents. Another bikini was brightly patterned blue and neon green. The first photo was of Bella posing on a boat against a blue ocean backdrop and wearing circular sunglasses. Another showed her laying on her back, while a third was of her posing with a Polaroid instant camera in her right hand.

"This was taken at the end of 2016?-2017? 2018 was about getting my health back...this is what I look like when I'm stressed.... when im stressed it's hard for me to work up an appetite..I'm all about being yourself loving your body yada yada but these photos they make me not love anything about it.
Bella also talked about how proud she is of herself since "I gained all my weight back and more!!!!" She then goes on to mention that she might get back to the gym "so I can be healthier in general."

Whatever the reason for Thorne's low weight in prior years, her honest post has inspired her fans to thank her, saying things like, "thank you for sharing. I'm also very proud that you could share this with us. love you," and "So proud of how far you've come Bella."

It's not just her weight gain that Bella ought to be proud of in the past year, either. She acted in movies and launched her makeup line in 2018. The makeup line, called Thorne by Bella, looks like it's been a huge success so far.

And Thorne has previously opened up about some other difficulties she's faced, including dyslexia and depression, which was detailed by People Magazine. Bella described how although she struggled with these things, when she was open about it publicly, that it ended up helping people. She remembered a man in his early 40s that thanked her for being so honest, as he used to be embarrassed of his dyslexia and had a hard time reading to his daughter. Apparently, the daughter told him, "It's okay daddy, Bella is dyslexic too."

With over 18.7 million followers on Instagram, it's no wonder that Bella has a huge reach. Fans are no doubt looking forward to seeing what else she has in store for 2019.