Becca Kufrin & Garrett Yrigoyen Update: ‘Bachelorette’ Stars Sentimental As They Pack Up For Big Move

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Colton Underwood didn’t find love with Becca Kufrin last spring on The Bachelorette, but he’ll give it a go again this winter on The Bachelor. On the other hand, Becca did find love during her season with Garrett Yrigoyen, and the two are still going strong.

As the Inquisitr recently shared, Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen are still very much together and have just made a big decision regarding their future. They aren’t ready to start planning their wedding yet, but they have decided where to put down roots together. Becca is leaving Minnesota and Garrett is leaving Nevada, and they’ll be living together near San Diego, California.

After spending Christmas together with Yrigoyen’s brother and new wife near San Diego, Kufrin is working on packing up her place in Minnesota. During the exhausting process, she came across something sentimental that she shared with her fans via Instagram. It certainly would seem that this is a good sign regarding her future with her Bachelorette beau.

Kufrin explained that as she was packing up her home in Minnesota, she found her dad’s Bible. As Bachelorette fans know, Becca’s father passed away a few years back and he continues to hold a special place in her heart. Inside the Bible was one of the wedding invitations from her mother and father’s nuptials.

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Today I’ve started the treacherous task of cleaning out my apartment and packing up before the big move to California. As I was going through all of my books I came across my Dad’s old bible. Now I’ve looked through this a number of times over these past few years, but today I opened it to find my parent’s wedding invitation from 1983. Why I’ve never come across this before beats me, but I’ll take it as a special sign that my poppa dadeo is looking over me (probably questioning me on why the heck I’d leave “God’s country” aka Minnesota and move to one of the most populated areas in the country). But hey, we all do crazy things in the name of love. Or maybe this is just his way of letting me know that he approves of @gy_yrigoyen thinks we should get married already ???? either way, this was one special thing to find. And major props to my parents for saving that moola on wedding invites because we all know they ain’t cheap ????????

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Becca noted that she’s never come across the invitation before. However, she’s taking the fact that she found it now as a sign that her dad is looking over her and showing his approval for Garrett.

The Bachelorette star also recently shared a Christmas card of sorts to her Instagram page as she reflected back on the past year. Kufrin noted that the year was filled with laughter, tears, personal growth, and an amazing new family, and she’s ready to see if 2019 can beat it. The card featured several photos from Becca’s season with Garrett. Needless to say, this post was a big hit with her fans.


Yrigoyen’s latest Instagram stories appear to signal that he’s doing some sorting and packing of his belongings too, as he shared some pictures of old sports jerseys. Garrett also posted a couple of photos ringing in 2019, and he noted that he was celebrating with Becca.

Becca and Garrett have detailed that they are not at the point of planning a wedding as of yet. For now, their focus is on moving to San Diego together, and Kufrin is aiming to get Yrigoyen to agree to get a corgi. Will The Bachelorette pair start planning a wedding once the dust settles on their move? Fans love these two together and are rooting for Becca Kufrin and Garrett Yrigoyen to go the distance, hoping the two don’t wait too long to start working on their nuptials.