Christine McGuinness Shares Before & After Shots Following Weight Gain — 'Feel Much Better'

Manuella Libardi

For a lot of women, putting on weight is something they try to avoid at all cost. But that isn't the case for Christine McGuinness, who recently revealed she has put on nearly 15 pounds in 2018. The British reality TV star took to her Instagram page late Saturday to share a before and after comparison of her body at the beginning of the year versus at the end of the year, the Daily Mail recently reported.

In the montage, the Real Housewives of Cheshire star is featured on the left topless and wearing pajama pants in front of a mirror as she snaps a video of her body. She looks rather skinny, with her bones protruding from her shoulders and rib cage showing over her small figure. In the clip, the 30-year-old moves slightly in front of the mirror with her arm over her breast to show her hip bones sticking out from her frame as well. In the caption, she said this clip was taken in February.

On the right, the Blackpool native is rocking a sexy black lacy lingerie showing off a much fuller figure, showcasing her booty and voluptuous cleavage. While in the first clip McGuinness is wearing minimal makeup and her hair tied back in a messy bun, the mother of three has full makeup on and an overall sexy aura in the second one.

"I've gained over 1 stone (about 15 pounds) and feel much better for it... Everyone has good and bad times in life, focus on the good. Remember things do change so never make a permanent decision on temporary feelings," she wrote in the caption, before urging her followers to always believe in themselves.

As the Daily Mail noted, McGuinness has spoken up about the hard times that come with raising two autistic children. She shares three kids with her husband, the comedian Paddy McGuinness, and their twins, Penelope and Leo, are both on the spectrum. Because her twins need a structured routine to thrive, events like Christmas can be exhausting for the entire family, she said.

"The last couple of days have been really difficult," she is quoted as saying by the Daily Mail. "Really emotionally draining, physically exhausting."