Supermodel Olivia Culpo Shows Off Sexy See-Through Shirt & Short Shorts, Blows A Kiss To The Camera

Jason KempinGetty Images

American supermodel Olivia Culpo is famous the world over for her natural beauty and her ability to wow an audience, no matter where she is asked to work. The leggy brunette took to popular social media platform Instagram recently to share a chic look, one that left less to the imagination than one might imagine.

In this particular image, Olivia can be seen striking a dramatic pose in front of some heritage brickwork. The rust and concrete color of the backdrop help to allow Olivia to really pop out into the foreground as she wears a stunning all-black ensemble. Clad in a clinging black top — composed of a sheer fabric which allows the audience a hint of the bra she’s wearing beneath — it’s clear that the supermodel is looking to stir up some of her most ardent admirers.

On her lower torso, Olivia Culpo has opted to rock a pair of short shorts, the hemline falling somewhere about her upper thigh. High waisted and tailored to emphasize her slender silhoutte, the black fabric is emblazoned with a sweeping row of metal details which shine under the light cast down from above.

Her lips painted a provocative crimson — pursed in a breathy kiss for the camera — Olivia Culpo accessorized her look with a pair of black boots, a matching purse, and a furry piece of outerwear held at her side. The American beauty’s signature chestnut tresses were styled straight, curling at the end to nestle about her neck and shoulders.

It seems that the “sparkly holiday vibes,” as advertised in the image’s caption, attracted the attention of her fans and followers. Despite having been posted less than a day ago — as of the writing of this article — Culpo’s Instagram share has already garnered over 130,000 likes in addition to 540-plus comments.

One user wrote, “You are looking gorgeous,” followed by a long string of fire and heart emojis. Another user quipped, “Cool boots! Tights?? Hose??? Whatever they are, me likey!”

Olivia Culpo has made headlines most recently for assembling a giant phallic ice luge during a bachelorette party for her sister, Aurora. According to a report from the Daily Mail, Culpo was tasked with building the alcohol delivery system in the suggestive shape — and pulled it off with flying colors. Despite having to tend to her little one — Remi — throughout the wild night of partying, it appears as though Aurora had a blast.

Olivia Culpo’s fans and followers simply can’t wait to see what the supermodel will do next, and are appreciative of each new snapshot that she shares from her personal life.