Emily Ratajkowski Puts Booty Front & Center For Newest Bikini Pic On Instagram

Emily wears a bronze dress.
Jason Merritt / Stringer / Getty Images

Emily Ratajkowksi is busy promoting her newest bikini for Inamorata Swim, one called “Stone Steps.” And seeing as she usually models her own creations, it’s no surprise that she’s treated her fans to several new bikini pics on Instagram. The newest post of the bunch, captioned “Stone Steps booty,” puts her derriere front and center for a photo taken from a low angle.

There’s a bokeh effect by her right elbow, and she stood while wearing a high-waisted thong bottom and a halter top. Fans commented, “So beautiful,” “Love this pic!” and “Jaw drop.” The swimsuit costs $75 for the top, and another $75 for the bottom. And while other styles are available in a variety of colors and patterns, this one — so far — is available only in black and white.

In a prior interview, Emily described to Paper Magazine how “I love the confidence that comes with wearing a bathing suit.” And that passion for swimwear is one of the motivations behind her Inamorata line.

“Before, being a model was a contradiction to being an actress or being a musician — you couldn’t have a clothing line or be a designer. I don’t think that’s how creativity works… That’s never how it worked for me, I was always someone who was writing, painting, doing whatever…”

And it’s true that many models today are multi-talented. From other established models like Candice Swanepoel, to Instagram model Sommer Ray, women are finding ways to translate their love for fashion and modeling into an entrepreneurial pursuit.

It’s not like Emily believed that she would have this much success at the beginning. She described how she was thinking, “I will [model] for a couple of years, make some money and see how I feel about going back to school. To have something that I was just viewing so much as a 9-5 job turn into something I really was not expecting was super surprising.”

Ratajkowski’s Instagram followers number over 21 million and counting. And in addition to becoming known for her bikini shots on social media, she caused a stir this year with her presence at a Brett Kavanaugh protest. There, she was arrested with Amy Schumer. Since then, Emily’s found herself defending her freedom to express herself however she pleases to the general public, and being interviewed numerous times about her views on feminism.

Throughout it all, the model has appeared to stay true to herself, constantly reminding fans that what they see on Instagram isn’t real life — it’s just the way she’s chosen to represent herself.