Ray J Sources Deny Kim Kardashian’s Ecstasy Claim, Per ‘TMZ’

Jesse GrantGetty Images

On Sunday’s episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kim Kardashian revealed that she took ecstasy twice — once before her first marriage and the second time before she made her infamous sex tape with Ray J.

However, according to TMZ, Ray J “sources” claim that Kardashian had not taken ecstasy before filming the video. Additionally, the same sources said that the KUWTK star did not drink alcohol ahead of her romp with the Love & Hip Hop star. The now mother of three did smoke marijuana out of a pipe that was incidentally shaped like a penis ahead of the action. Ultimately, Ray J is offended that Kardashian claimed that she was under the influence in the video that his camp says was entirely consensual.

While Kardashian pointed to her lip quivering during the video as evidence that she was under the influence of the drug also known as molly. However, the sources said, “her lip was quivering because she was getting ******.”

Even so, those close to Kardashian said the reality TV star turned business mogul stands by Sunday night’s revelation. Plus, the 38-year-old currently married to rapper Kanye West is glad she learned the error of her partying ways and wised up to the danger of drugs and alcohol at an early age so that she was able to move forward from that period to become what she is today.

In addition, Inquisitr reported that new details shed new light on what Kardashian has always claimed about the sex tape. Kardashian and her mother Kris Jenner always claimed the video was leaked, and they even took legal action to prevent its distribution, but a recent documentary Scandal Made Me Famous: Kim Kardashian claims the “Wait A Minute” singer did not even have a copy of the film in his possession.

According to the documentary, Ray J gave his copy to Kardashian to keep safe, which insinuates that she had the only copy and she was the one who leaked it. Many believe that the sex tape was the reality TV star’s “big break,” and she and her family capitalized on that fame to become what they are today.

As for Kardashian, she has little to gain from making up a story about using ecstasy at this point in her life so many years later. In reality, it’s all water under the bridge so many years later, and it is a he said, she said situation.