Shopping Center Apologizes For 'X-Rated' Polar Bear Christmas Display

A mall in the UK found that they had some explaining to do when two polar bears in their Christmas display were rearranged to look like they were engaging in some frisky sensual activity.

"We'd like to thank our customers for getting a little too into Christmas this year with our polar bears in the atrium and can reassure you the display has changed somewhat since setup," read a post from the corporate Facebook account for Tynwald Mills mall on the Isle of Man.

"Apologies to anybody offended by our somewhat interactive display."
Later, the mall added to the joke by posting a photo of a baby polar bear with the insinuation that the little cub resulted from the "naughty" behavior.

"It's a Christmas miracle!" they wrote. "This little guy showed up at Tynwald Mills this morning!"

They went on to launch a competition and asked customers to suggest a name for the cub. Some of the suggestions were very tongue in cheek.

"Skuttle- named after the activities I saw yesterday from his parents," one person wrote in the comments. As Urban Dictionary notes, the slang term is used to refer to a promiscuous woman.

"Brazen.... after his parent's activities," another suggested.

The amorous set up of the polar bears led to lots of jokes on social media, the BBC notes.

"Went to Tynwald Mills today and was quite amused yet disturbed by their placement of their Xmas polar bears," wrote Ruth Hogg, as reported by the BBC.

"It gives new meaning to riding the Polar Express!!" Laura Sawyer commented.

As the Mirror notes, the risque hilarity of the display was ins intensified by the fact that the prankster arranged the display to make it look like another bear was slouched in the corner eavesdropping on the couple. They also made it seem as if one of the snow-covered Christmas trees was a sex toy.

The Independent reports that after the mall rearranged the polar bears back to their normal positions, some people suggested that they should have left them in the throes of their passion. But the mall responded that the prank set up was a little "too much" for some of their more "a little x-rated for some" customers. It's understandably not the scene that anyone would associate with Christmas shopping.

"The polar bears have had a talking to, and our severe case of 'Night at the Museum' hopefully won't repeat itself," the mall said on Facebook.