November 9, 2018
Shauna Sexton Escapes Ben Affleck Drama In London & Visits Buckingham Palace

Shauna Sexton let her fans know via Instagram stories that she was heading out of the United States over a "quarter life crisis." The Playboy Playmate announced her intentions of heading to London, and she's now shared some new stories that show her enjoying the city. Shauna headed to the London Bridge, and also shared a snap of her smiling in front of Buckingham Palace. The latter was captioned "The biggest dork & the queens [sic] crib." In the photo, she sported some dark leggings with cut-out details on the sides, a black leather jacket, and a scarf.

Sexton's short fling with Ben Affleck garnered her tons of publicity while it lasted. There were tons of rumors and speculation about their relationship status, and whether she was a negative influence on the actor, considering she was open about how much she liked to party. That wouldn't have been an issue, but Ben was unfortunately battling alcohol addiction in rehab during the bulk of their relationship.

The break-up happened shortly after the two jetted off on a Montana getaway as Ben and Jennifer Garner's divorce was finalized. At first, Shauna told the media that she was still together with Ben, something that even her mom echoed when she was interviewed about her feelings toward Affleck.

Once the dust had settled, and the two were clearly no longer seeing each other anymore, a new set of drama emerged. An insider claimed that Shauna told Ben that she didn't need him, and that she would be the next Kim Kardashian, detailed the Inquisitr. This remark led Ben to believe that Shauna had snagged a sex tape of him, a claim which so far has been unsubstantiated.

Of course, Kim rose to stratospheric fame after her sex tape with Ray J was publicized. Kardashian has since moved on to bigger and better ventures, including her reality TV show and earning millions via Instagram by promoting certain brands.

It remains to be seen what, if anything, will come out of these rumors about a sex tape. But for now, Shauna is in a completely different country, where she can probably enjoy some peace and quiet.

An insider discussed how they thought Sexton was "using" Ben while the two were seeing each other.

"At the end of the day, in order to be in recovery, [Affleck] needs to be by himself and taking care of his family. He's being used by this girl. Anyone who drinks the way she drinks and is out there publicizing it and their relationship, has no respect for him or his family."