Emily Ratajkowski Talks About Her Political Views, Adds That Her Feminism Started With Her Breasts

Ari PerilsteinGetty Images

Model-turned-actress Emily Ratajkowski is well-known for her amazing body and racy photos, but she has also been in the spotlight because of her views on feminism.

In August, the 28-year-old model likened her Instagram feed — which is almost always full of pictures where she is scantily clad — to a “feminist magazine,” per an earlier article by the Inquisitr. Prior to that, she posed topless with Kim Kardashian and rubbed spaghetti all over her oiled body in the name of feminism.

And now she has recently said that her feminism started with her boobs. The model appeared on Wednesday’s episode of Busy Tonight where she was questioned by the show’s host, Busy Phillips, about her strong views on feminism and how did it all start, per Yahoo News.

“Honestly, it all started with bοοbs,” Emrata said during the interview. “I developed very early and, you know, a lot of people were making me feel ashamed of my body. I had a very awesome mom — shoutout to all the awesome moms — and she was just, like, screw them. You don’t need to apologize for anything. Wear whatever you want, your body is your body.”

She added that phenomenon of being comfortable with her body became her thing and her acting and modeling platform empowered her further.

“Obviously, being a model and actress and being able to be like, ‘OK, yeah, I’ve got bοοbs, you might want to do things with them, but also sometimes they just make me feel good, and I want to feel myself. Sometimes you want to wear a sparkly dress and bring ’em out. It’s about choice. It’s about loving yourself and body positivity is important.”

Emily also got a recent interview published in Office Magazine where she talked about her simple political philosophy.

“All women should be able to do whatever the f*** they want, as long as it makes them happy.” Along with the interview, Emrata also had a photoshoot with the magazine where she wore a black striped suit with nothing underneath, thus providing a generous view of her perky breasts.

When asked about her take on people’s criticism of her feminism, terming it “wrong,” Emrata lambasted those negative comments and said that feminism — to her — is all about liberation.

“It happened with second-wave feminism when there was a complete shift over porn, and it’s essentially an extension of that same argument,” Emrata said.

“Like, can you be a prostitute, or a sex worker, or take a bunch of selfies, and also a feminist? My answer is absolutely.”

Emrata added that some crazy misogynistic patriarchal tendencies are ingrained in people, and when a woman feels empowered despite the negative influences in her life, she shouldn’t be rejected for that.

“It’s like, yeah, I’m wearing a thong, and maybe that dates back to some f***ed up anti-woman sh** from the past, but now, I like wearing one and it makes me feel good. So, cool. We should celebrate that.”