Exactly Nine Months After The Eagles Won The Super Bowl, Philadelphia Hospitals Seeing A Baby Boom

It looks like Philadelphia is currently undergoing a baby boom. Many hospitals have reported that a lot of babies are born this month and it’s not very difficult to figure out why.

According to a report by Action News, about nine months ago, the Philadelphia Eagles won the big game, leaving the audiences overwhelmed with excitement and happiness. As a result, they took to the streets and celebrated their favorite team’s victory much as they could.

However, the celebrations apparently didn’t stop on the streets and couples continued to celebrate at home too, resulting in a lot of pregnancies.

And because of the reference to the big game, nurses have dubbed the newborns the “Super Bowl Babies.”

According to Ali Gorman, who is a registered nurse as well as a health reporter with Action News, many couples have welcomed babies whose births will be a “life-long reminder of the Birds’ long-awaited championship!”

Mario Castelli, a big Philadelphia Eagles fan, recently became a dad to a baby girl. The super-excited dad has already read his favorite book — the story of how the Eagles won Super Bowl 52 — to his newborn, the report said. And not only that, but the baby girl has been named Layla Grace Foles Castelli, inspired by her dad’s favorite Eagles quarterback, Nick Foles.

Castelli admitted that the baby was born because the Eagles won the Super Bowl.

“If they didn’t win, I wouldn’t be here with a baby.”

And it wasn’t only Layla who was named after her dad’s favorite player, but Pennsylvania Hospital revealed that a number of babies took the names of their parents’ favorite players.

“Many babies have been named Carson lately (named after Carson Wentz), and one girl was named ‘Kelce’ spelled like the team’s center, Jason Kelce,” the Action News report said.

Pennsylvania’s Lankenau Medical Center is also getting ready for the “Super Bowl Baby Boom” and have even set up a “special photo booth outside the mother-baby unit” for the newcomers to get their pictures taken.

“One dad was so excited that before they [his wife and the baby] were being discharged, he ran home, got his Eagles jersey on and came back [to the hospital],” explained Jenn Simon, a mother-baby nurse at Lankenau Hospital.

However, Dr. Eva Martin, an obstetrics and gynecology specialist (Ob-Gyn) at Lankenau Hospital isn’t sure how many babies are “Super Bowl Babies.” Nonetheless, she informed that one of her patients is sure that she conceived the baby as a result of having sex right after the Super Bowl, per Action News. Another mother told the doctor that the baby was conceived after the Eagles won.

“And I have another patient who knows that [her] baby is a ‘Super Bowl Parade’ baby.”