It’s Official: ‘Big Brother 20’ Lovebirds Tyler Crispen, Angela Rummans Are Living Together In Los Angeles

Johnny VyCBS

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans took much of the summer to shift from being friends to romantic partners on Big Brother 20. Now that the season is over, however, they are done with taking things slowly. Tyler and Angela had said once BB20 wrapped that they planned to have him move to California to be with her and they are already making it official.

Angela Rummans shared the official news via Instagram. She posted a photo showing her with Tyler Crispen and noted that they are back in Los Angeles together. As Big Brother 20 fans saw across social media, Angela, Tyler, and a handful of other houseguests from this past season spent a few days in Las Vegas together right after the finale and they were having a grand time.

Things have been a whirlwind for Rummans and Crispen, for sure, but it looks like these two are ready to settle down and tackle a real-world romance together. Big Brother 20 fans are clearly here for “Tangela,” as Angela’s post snagged more than 90,000 likes in about 14 hours. They also received nearly 5,000 comments on that post of Rummans’ and nearly all of the comments were positive ones celebrating their romance.

Crispen shared a cute update confirming his official move-in via his Instagram Stories. In one photo he tagged, Rummans and said he was “coming home babe,” noting it was move-in day. Tyler and Angela talked with Us Weekly and said that it was a natural step to move in together in the real world.

The Big Brother stars noted that during the intense time together people have in the house, “You really get to know people to the depths of their core.” Rummans and Crispen said they can’t imagine being apart, and they added that they have never been happier. The BB20 stars shared that they’re thankful for the experience this past summer that brought them together.

Can Tyler and Angela make it work in the real world? Fans love that the Big Brother 20 stars didn’t dive into a showmance the minute they first connected with one another. It was obvious much of the summer that Rummans and Crispen were crushing on one another, but they waited quite some time to accept that they were meant to be more than friends.

Tyler Crispen and Angela Rummans aren’t the only romance to come out of Big Brother Season 20. However, fans are perhaps most excited about Tyler and Angela’s romance out of the couples coming from BB20 and are rooting for them to successfully transition into a lasting real-world romantic relationship.