Julie Chen Quits ‘The Talk’ After CBS Ousts Hubby Les Moonves Amid Misconduct Allegations, Reports ‘CNN’

The buzz is that 'The Talk' viewers will see a pre-taped message from Julie Chen during Tuesday's episode saying a final farewell.

Theo Wargo / Getty Images

The buzz is that 'The Talk' viewers will see a pre-taped message from Julie Chen during Tuesday's episode saying a final farewell.

There has been a lot of buzz about what would happen with Julie Chen and her work with CBS in the wake of her husband’s exit from the network. Les Moonves left CBS last week after new allegations of sexual misconduct emerged and now it seems that Julie has made a decision about how much work she’ll continue to do with the network.

According to CNN, Julie Chen is leaving The Talk effective immediately. Chen had chosen to take a few days off after the announcement that Les Moonves was out as CEO and chairman of CBS, but she did show up for last Thursday’s live Big Brother show. As the Inquisitr noted after that BB20 episode, however, the host did get people buzzing when she signed off with her married name of Julie Chen Moonves for the first time in the history of the series.

Two sources said to be close to Chen have indicated that Julie is not returning to her chair on The Talk set at all. Instead, viewers will see a pre-recorded video message from her during Tuesday’s broadcast. As for her tenure with Big Brother, it seems that she will continue on with that, at least for now. The Season 20 finale is coming up very soon, and at this point, the show hasn’t officially been renewed for another season yet.

Sources close to Julie say that in the wake of her departure from The Talk, she will focus on working to clear Moonves’ name as well as raising the son they have together. So far, CBS does not appear to have confirmed Chen’s decision to leave the daytime show for good.

TVLine confirms that Chen is expected to stick around with Big Brother. However, Julie’s decision to use her married name in signing off at the end of last week’s BB20 episode, a move that apparently had not been cleared or pre-planned with others, reportedly made it virtually impossible for her to remain with The Talk.

Sources for Page Six also confirmed Chen’s definitive decision to leave the CBS daytime show, although their reports did not pin down the timing and Julie’s choice to leave immediately. However, the early buzz before news of the formal decision emerged indicated that her departure was imminent.

Can both The Talk and Big Brother go on without Julie Chen if needed? Is she making the right call to depart the daytime show to show support for Les Moonves in the midst of these allegations? Fans will be anxious to watch Tuesday’s episode to see just what she says in her farewell message, as well as how she handles the last few episodes of Big Brother before Season 20 ends.