Sommer Ray Flaunts Booty In Thong Bikini At The Beach

Sommer Ray is an interesting model, not just because she has over 19 million followers, but because she was once a bodybuilder in her teens. In a recent Instagram photo, Sommer showed off her booty, and her fans went crazy.

In the picture, Sommer is at the beach, wearing a tiny olive green bikini. The bottom is a thong bikini, and she's halfway facing her back to the camera. That means that her sandy derriere is in full view, as she accessorized the look with some bracelets, tons of rings, and a retro-inspired pair of sunglasses. Sommer wore her hair down. She captioned it "do ya thang b," which is a play on words.

That's not the only recent photo that shows off her assets. In another picture from August 26, Sommer wore an interesting outfit. She had a white hoodie with flame details on the sleeves. The model then wore a super tight and small brown miniskirt, coupled with some thigh-high neon yellow boots. The photo was one of a series of four, and she asked her fans which photo they liked best. The four pictures are all fairly similar, while some of them showed her face more than others.

In response, her most dedicated fans let her know that they liked all of the photos. One user said that "You should do this with all the ones you can't decide on. Lol"Sommer once described her experiences showing off her butt on social media when she was still living in a small town in Colorado. Her peers and the community judged her for doing so, but she had a reason for doing it, detailed Cosmopolitan.
"They didn't understand when I posted pictures of my ass on Instagram, it was because I'd worked hard for it. It's not a sexualized thing."
But since then, Ray has certainly grown her fan base to a huge number, allowing her to even release her own fitness app, reported Life and Style. She explained all of the incredible features that the app will have, which appear to be influenced by her experiences as a bodybuilder.
"On most apps you have to write what you ate, on mine you can talk into the phone and it'll calculate the calories, the protien [sic], everything. It does the math for you. It's very innovative and I'm very excited to share it with the world. It's workout, it's diet, its tips, it teaches people correct form, it's universal."