Donald Trump Jr. Rails Against Mark Roberts' Insult Toward Melania, Twitter Points Out Issues In His Arguments

Earlier this week, a political candidate from Oregon generated a great deal of outrage across social media when he referred to first lady Melania Trump as a "hoebag." Now, President Donald Trump's oldest son, Don Jr., has weighed in on the situation via his Twitter page. From the looks of things, it didn't take long for Twitter to clap back at him in regards to a couple of things he said in his tweet.

As was previously detailed by the Inquisitr, Oregon's Mark Roberts took to Twitter Monday to insinuate that Melania Trump "works by the hour" and he included the hashtag hoebag. The outrage against Roberts' tweet was immediate, but the candidate doubled down on his post and said he wouldn't delete it.

Now, Donald Trump Jr. is jumping into the fray via his Twitter account. On Tuesday, he posted a tweet asking followers to imagine what would happen if a conservative had posted the tweet about Melania. He also asked people to imagine what would happen if anyone had said something similar about former first lady Michelle Obama. Don Jr. said that Twitter was becoming a platform for hate toward conservatives and a fair number of his followers liked and shared the post.

It didn't take long for quite a few folks on Twitter to push back against Don Jr.'s post in a couple of ways. For example, historian and author Kevin Kruse tweeted that Mark Roberts notes in his Twitter profile that he's a conservative, though he is running as an Independent, not a Republican.

Roberts himself pointed out in numerous tweets that he's not a Democrat, and he's addressed his affiliation before. Last spring, the Oregon politician wrote a piece for the Herald and News and noted that he's a former Republican while making it quite clear he's no Democrat.

"I'm independent, a conservative and a disgruntled life-long Republican, not a washed-up would-be Bernie Sanders who most people associate with the 'Independent Party.' That distinction belongs to our Democratic candidates who preach more taxes, free solar panels and gun control in a district known for its outdoor sportsmanship and excess of wildlife."
There was another component of Don Jr.'s tweet about Melania and the hoebag comment that ruffled a number of feathers across Twitter. Trump essentially said that conservatives had never insulted Michelle Obama in similar ways, and many people took issue with that.

One person on Twitter pointed out that InfoWars broadcaster Alex Jones has previously said Michelle was a transgender woman and even said she'd had comedienne Joan Rivers killed. There was a great deal of outrage over a situation from West Virginia where Obama was called an "ape in heels," notes the Washington Post, and a paraprofessional from Georgia generated headlines for calling the former first lady a gorilla.

Now This recently put together a video recapping many of the times that Obama faced intense criticism for everything from her weight, her clothing choices, her image, and her race. Numerous Twitter users also noted that Barack and Michelle's daughters, Sasha and Malia, often faced intense criticism during Obama's presidency as well. For example, AOL recounts when a Fox News report about Malia choosing Harvard University sparked comments that included the "n-word," and some saying they wished she'd get "one of those colored diseases."

Donald Trump Jr. is an unwavering supporter of his father and the Trump administration and he never hesitates to share his opinion via his Twitter page. Mark Roberts' insult toward Melania quickly brought a lot of attention to the Oregon political candidate, and it doesn't look like anybody thought his comment was appropriate. However, many did take issue with President Trump's son when he tried to take the route he did in this latest post of his.