Safaree Samuels Nude Leaks: Nicki Minaj Is Mad She Is Dragged Into Her Ex’s Scandal, Reports ‘Hollywood Life’

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Safaree Samuels’ nude photos and video emerged online in what appeared to be a content leak and his ex-girlfriend, Nicki Minaj, is far from happy that even she is being dragged into the bad publicity it has caused.

News about the 36-year-old rapper’s explicit content emerging online started circulating on February 25, causing a stir on social media. While his face wasn’t shown in the images, IOL noted that his trademark tattoos visible shown in the graphic photos “are a dead giveaway.”

In just 24 hours, Twitter exploded with posts about the controversial images.

“WHOEVER leaked that video. I think I speak for many when I say….. THANK YOU (sic),” one Twitter user wrote.

Others used memes and GIFs to express their thoughts about the explicit content.

But while many seem to be applauding the Safaree Samuels nude leaks, Hollywood Life revealed that at least one person is furious about it — the rapper’s ex, Nicki Minaj.

A source reportedly close to the “Anaconda” singer told the outlet that she is not happy with the way her ex’s scandal is affecting her because she wanted good publicity for her music.

“Nicki started seeing things changing with her career trajectory right around her feud with Remy Ma,” the source said.

“She doesn’t like the path it’s taking and wants to be recognized for her music and not who she is dating or feuding with. She doesn’t want people to think that Cardi B has taken her spot either.”

Safaree Samuels Hoping For Nicki Minaj Reunion After Nude Leaks
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On top of that, the insider revealed how the 35-year-old “Bang Bang” collaborator fought her way to where she is today and is going “nuts” for being dragged into Safaree Samuels’ nude leaks scandal.

“Nicki has had to battle before and has battled through the Lil Kim comparisons to make her own name in hip-hop and now she wants to and feels she has to reinvent herself so she doesn’t fall into being a tabloid joke,” the informant added.

“When she is connected to stuff like Safaree and his drama, it really drives her nuts. She’d rather be considered a talent first and always.”

By the looks of it, Twitter users cannot seem to separate Nicki from Safaree because of their past. Some even posted about their realizations about the female rapper’s hit single “Anaconda,” believing that it was inspired by Safaree Samuels.

In a separate report, the outlet talked to another source close to the lady rapper, saying that she is convinced that the Love & Hip Hop star leaked his own explicit tape.

Citing the unnamed source, Hollywood Life said Nicki “wasn’t surprised” that the images were leaked online, revealing that she is “embarrassed” for her ex for stooping so low in order to gain attention and publicity for his music.

“At this point she just feels a mixture of pity and embarrassment for him. Nicki feels like Safaree will do anything for publicity these days.”

As it turns out, the Safaree Samuels nude leaks were effectively making people listen to the rapper’s songs, based on recent Twitter posts about him.

Of course, Twitter is also filled with reactions to the explicit content itself.

Safaree Samuels has yet to react to the nude leaks as of the writing of this article while Nicki Minaj’s reactions stated in this article are not her official statement yet so it is best to take it all with a grain of salt.