Macaulay Culkin’s Transformation Has The Internet Going Crazy; ‘Home Alone’ Star’s New Look Praised Everywhere


Macaulay Culkin made headlines this week after people saw his dramatic transformation. The Home Alone star is now far from his previous disheveled look, with long hair and untidy looking beard.

The 36-year-old just stepped out with an improved, new look and fans cannot stop raving about how handsome he has become. He was spotted at a convenience store in Los Angeles while on the way to a dinner at Craig’s restaurant with his friends, Brenda Song and Seth Green.

Culkin looked fresh in jeans and denim jacket over a white shirt. His photos, taken at the store, have gone viral and fans were obviously in awe.

Millions of people worldwide fell in love with the actor after starring as the smart and cutie Kevin McAllister in Home Alone. However, when he turned older and has had issues with health and drugs, his appearance drastically changed and was bashed and hated for his scrawny appearance.

Now, after seeing him gained weight and sporting shorter haircut, many expressed admiration and declared falling in love with him all over again. Seeing the people’s overwhelming reaction on Macaulay Culkin’s hunky new look, many are saying that they would not mind being home alone with him.

GQ Magazine also took notice of Macaulay’s transformation and reviewed his improved look. They said that his new hairdo is flattering due to two reasons: First, the short, messy style was cut perfectly, with just the right length on the sides and crown for texture to come out.

The publication added that Macaulay’s hair was so straight and flat when he allowed it to grow long, but this new style brings out a little bit of wave to give nice volume in his hair.

Second, the cut is stubble-free. The actor’s hairstyle was a good choice for it is simple but go well with Culkin’s features. According to the magazine, the style is actually the trend now and guys love that loose cut because it looks cool and easy to maintain.

At any rate, fans want Macaulay Culkin to know that they are proud of him. They posted their thoughts on social media and these are what they were saying:

Finally, as E! News tweeted, Macaulay Culkin definitely just won 2017’s greatest makeover!

[Featured Image by Kurt Vinion/Getty Images]