Anon-IB, Girls Of MU: Naked Photo- And Video-Sharing Websites Shut-Down Petition

The fallout from the “Marines United” Facebook page nude-photo scandal continues to reverberate on Friday, March 10. As reported by the Inquisitr, when the original “Marines United” Facebook group was shut down, up popped “Marines United 2.0” or “MU2.0” on Facebook and on notorious porn site PornHub, as well as in a DropBox link. Now that the Department of Defense is looking into all websites that shared naked photos of female Marines, as reported by CBS News, news of websites like Anon-IB or the “Girls of MU” links being shared online are back in focus.

According to one Marine in the upper echelons of the military branch, the “Marines United” Facebook scandal of naked photos was just the tip of the spear when it comes to naked photos and videos, CBS Miami stated. Now more focus is being placed on Anon-IB, a website that gained fame when “The Fappening” happened, with naked photos of stars like Jennifer Lawrence appearing thereon.

While word buzzes on social media about PornHub, DropBox and Anon-IB being websites that have become a hub for some of the “Marines United 2.0” naked photos and videos, Marine spokesperson Capt. Ryan E. Alvis, issued a statement that could not confirm Marines using Anon-IB to spread naked photos of female Marines, according to ABC News. Business Insider reported that a link to a DropBox folder called “Girls of MU” (Marines United) was being passed around.

“We are not able to confirm that Marines are participating in the site AnonIB.”

Whereas the “Marines United” scandal opened the door for the public to learn about the Marines’ nude photo scandal, as reported by the Huffington Post, news about Anon-IB has broken that claims Anon-IB contains a military thread dedicated to military personnel sharing naked photos. Indeed, a Google search for “Anon-IB” turns up descriptions for the self-proclaimed “Best Anonymous Image Board” at, with all sorts of threads and categories for pornographic activities, be they dedicated to celebrity nudes, amateurs, accidental nudes, anal activities, “Azn Chikz” — which is Internet slang for “Asian chicks” — or other random nudes. There are categories on Anon-IB for large breasted folks, BDSM, “camw******” — which means women who like to take plenty of selfies — or the “candid creepshots.”

As reported by the Huffington Post, Anon-IB, which claims to have an entire static backup of the Anon-IB images, also has a readily found military naked photo category called “/mil/ – Military – Anon-IB” on their website. Comments thereon prove that people are asking the Marines for naked photos or “wins” that they saved after the original “Marines United” Facebook group was shut down.

“lol I was gonna make a thread for this. In the news pieces it said that there were google drives of the pictures. Did any of you muhreens save them to your…”

The Marines in question have been swapping nude photos since May, reports Engadget, which documented Anon-IB as a naked photo requesting and swapping website for military personnel as late as May of 2016. Users asked for specific photos of female Marines by name via Anon-IB.

However, it’s not just the Marine Corp that used Anon-IB, reports Reason. Anon-IB was used by members of other branches of the U.S. military, with some identifying the subjects of the naked photos by their military rank and the location of where the women featured in the nude photos were stationed.

The “Marines United 2.0” closed group emerged on Facebook, according to the Colorado Springs Gazette, in an act of defiance after the original “Marines United” Facebook group was shut down.

The flocking of nude photos to Anon-IB, as reported by McClatchy Washington Bureau, comes with news that hundreds of naked photos have been posted to Anon-IB by “members of every military branch.”

At least one petition, seeks to shut down Anon-IB.

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