Lil Wayne ‘Devol’: Were The Love Songs Unofficially Released In Parts?

It is now apparent that Tha Carter V will be permanently on the backburner thanks to Birdman, but is the real “sorry for the wait” all about the album of love songs Lil Wayne promised but never released?

After all, Lil Wayne is popular around Valentine’s Day because he has written so many songs about love. Along with a long list of songs that are themed around love, there are also a surprising number of love songs by Lil Wayne where the word itself is in the title.

Interestingly, the album of love songs that Lil Wayne promised in 2012 was meant to be loved spelled backwards, or Devol. The only other clue that Lil Wayne gave was that Devol was based on songs he wrote while he was in prison in 2010.

Obviously, releasing new music has been a bit of an issue for Lil Wayne due to his drama with Birdman and Cash Money Records.

For this reason, it is easy to assume that — since the lyrics to Devol were written while Lil Wayne was in prison — they may have even become part of his Gone Til November biography that was published in 2016.

Lil Wayne songs about love for Valentine's Day include

On the other hand, there are some claims that Lil Wayne did, in fact, record Devol, according to the fan blog Lil Wayne HQ, but was still waiting to release it in early 2014.

Later that year, Lil Wayne vowed to sue Cash Money Records and Birdman over not releasing his music. Does this mean that Devol is out there waiting to be released, or, an alternate theory might be that Lil Wayne has been secretly releasing tracks all along.

Supporting the theory that Lil Wayne might have been releasing these Devol tracks in singles and collaborations since 2012, love seems to be a theme he has a history with, and has kept using.

For example, BET noted in 2012 that Lil Wayne already had a strong list of best love songs, and a few included “I Think I Love Her,” “Amazing Love,” “No Love,” “Love of My Life,” “Love In This Club Part II,” and “How To Love.”

Also supporting the idea his secret Devol album has been released in breadcrumbs in the form of collaborations and singles, there have been several additions to Lil Wayne’s love song list in the past four years.

For example, the unofficial Devol tracklist started in 2012 with Lil Wayne’s “Just In Love” collaboration with Joe Jonas. Following this, in 2013, Lil Wayne recorded “Your Song” featuring Chance The Rapper. Also in 2013, Lil Wayne released “Love Me,” and another track called “Lovely” with Drake.

Lil Wayne songs about love are often good and bad.

The year 2014 seemed to be a low one for Lil Wayne and writing songs with the word love in the title — perhaps due to Birdman — and the unofficial Devol tracklist quit evolving.

Following this, in 2015, Lil Wayne was in love with Christina Milian, and the unofficial Devol project seemed to be on the upswing.

For example, in 2015, Lil Wayne released “Drunk In Love” with Christina Milian, and then followed up their breakup with three love songs in 2016, including a remix of “Pillowtalk” with Zayn Malik; “Gotta Love” with 2 Chainz for Collegrove; and “Let Me Love You” with Ariana Grande.

Although other songs and their lyrics could be researched more thoroughly, so far, Lil Wayne has released at least eight love songs since 2012, and could be referred to as a scattered unofficial Devol tracklist.

For Lil Wayne fans that are worried he does not actually like the love song genre, Christina Milian seems to confirm he is a crooner.

When she was still dating him, Christina Milian said Lil Wayne loved to sing love songs when they were hanging out around the house, according to Daily Mail.

Another interesting fact about Christina Milian is that she did what no other person has done for Tunechi in the past — and that is write a love song about Lil Wayne.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Christina Milian leaked “Give Me the World” right after her breakup with Lil Wayne, some fans suspected the lyrics were about him.

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