Kendra Sunderland’s Tinder Date: What The Former ‘Library Girl’ Has Been Up To

Fans have been wondering where Kendra Sunderland has been for the past few years, and now she has finally been spotted. The former “Library Girl” and webcam model was spotted out on a date with a man she met on Tinder. It looks like Kendra is back on Tinder, and on social media, after she became an overnight sensation for her controversial library video.

Kendra Sunderland has been causing a stir on social media since a lucky young man has allegedly met the adult video star on the popular dating app. After the two had a series of conversations, they decided to go out on a date together. Sunderland and the man, whose name is not revealed, went on a date at a fast food restaurant, where there’s photographic proof. In the photo, Sunderland is seen smiling as she’s wearing a black sweater.

When the man looked up the name of his date on the internet, he was surprised to find out that she was Kendra Sunderland, the overnight adult entertainment sensation. Their date took place in Oregon, according to Economic News. The man came across Kendra when he was surfing through Tinder and noticed her photo. Without any hesitation, he sent her a message and asked her to meet him at the restaurant Chili’s.

When the two met up at the restaurant, the man recognized Sunderland’s face but didn’t know where he had seen her before. He decided to use his phone to see if he could find out who she is. Within minutes, he came across Kendra Sunderland’s infamous “Library Girl” video and her work for Vixen Angels Company. He decided to share the photo of his date with Sunderland on his social media accounts.

It’s not clear whether Kendra and the man went on another date since. The model hasn’t had much luck on Tinder. She has taken to Twitter to exclaim that she was removed from Tinder since no one believed that she was really Kendra Sunderland. Meanwhile, other fans were confused as to why Kendra was on the dating app in the first place since she revealed in past interviews that she has a serious boyfriend who supports her adult entertainment career. He’s even been featured on her social media accounts.

On Oct. 18, 2016, she explicitly tweeted, “F*** my @Tinder keeps getting deleted cause nobody believes I’m real this sucks.”

Apparently, this has happened before, because back in June of 2016, Sunderland revealed to her fans that she “got my tinder back up and running!!”

Kendra Sunderland became famous on the internet after she was kicked out Oregon State University for pleasuring herself inside the school’s library while live streaming the nearly 30-minute event on the adult webcam site MyFreeCams. The video quickly went viral and ended up on Pornhub. Not only was Kendra banned from My Free Cams, but she was also arrested for public indecency following the release of the video she made.

She has since become an adult video star. Not only does she star in videos and photos for Vixen Angels, but she also appears in videos for That hasn’t stopped Sunderland from becoming known as “Oregon State Library Girl” or “Library Girl,” for short. Even her Twitter user handle is @KSLibraryGirl.

She has become an internet sensation in the same vein of “Duke porn star” Belle Knox, “Wall Street porn star” Veronica Vain, and Lebanese-born adult performer Mia Khalifa, reports the Daily Dot. After the adult website BangYouLater offered to relieve Kendra of the charge, she has decided to bank on her newfound fame by starting her own business. She has expressed interest in taking on many business opportunities in the areas of modeling and adult entertainment. Of course, Kendra hosts live adult shows on her own website,, and she also produces some of her videos.

[Featured Image by Kendra Sunderland/Twitter]