Chloe Ferry’s Breasts Fall Out Of Her Top While Talking To Celebrity Big Brother Housemates

Chloe Ferry had an embarrassing moment on Thursday night at Celebrity Big Brother after she suffered a wardrobe malfunction which caused her boobs to fall out of her top.

Ferry’s unfortunate mishap took place just as the CBB housemates were sharing a romantic moment in which they were also dressed in superhero costumes. Ferry’s outfit failed and came undone thus causing her boobs to pop out. This resulted in an embarrassing moment for the Geordie Shore star. It all happened so fast, leaving her in shock.

Chloe Ferry breasts fall out of her top

Chloe acted fast to salvage the situation

Chloe was so shocked by her wardrobe malfunction judging by the way that she reacted. Luckily she managed to hide her breasts with her hands before she fell to the floor. Chloe’s breast show happened right after her fellow star Jamie opened up about his feelings for housemate Bianca during a truth task. This was after Jamie was asked who he liked most in the house.

“I’m starting to get very strong feelings about Bianca…” Jamie stated.

Chloe was clearly excited to hear that Jamie liked Bianca because she grabbed and hugged her in excitement. Unfortunately, her excitement ended up in disaster as her superhero costume let her down.

Chloe’s boobs stole Jamie’s moment

Chloe’s boob incident shifted the attention from Jamie and he did not look happy about it. He seemed irritated though he told her that it was not a new site for him since he had seen them before. Fortunately, Bianca responded afterward by standing up and giving him a hug. Probably a good response from Bianca, probably proving that she also likes him back. As for Chloe, It was not the first time that she revealed more than what the cameras bargained for.

The same evening took an interesting turn after Chloe took off her superhero costume so that she could give her housemate and Jedward star John Grimes a lap dance that sent him falling backward with his chair. She was clad in sparkling red lingerie and looking very sexy. She gave John the lap dance just two days after she received a warning for rubbing her butt against his head.

The Geordie Shore star previously revealed that she has the hearts for fellow star Calum Best. She was even asked by the Big Brother voice whether she was offended by the fact that her CBB housemate Jessica Cunningham has a crush on Best.

“Yes because I thought she was me friend and I did actually quite fancy Calum,” Chloe responded in a nervous tone.

Chloe Ferry breasts fall out of her top

The rest of the CBB housemates looked on in amusement as Big Brother proceeded to ask Ferry whether she fancied making out with her crush. She responded enthusiastically with an affirmative answer. Jamie was also put on the spot and asked whether he had developed feelings for any of his fellow housemates during his stay at CBB. He responded saying that he had grown quite fond of Calum and also reiterated that he had become emotionally attracted to Bianca.

After spilling out her secret about Best, it seemed Chloe was determined to make sure that prediction of hooking up with him became a reality. She started making attempts to Kiss Calum. On one particular occasion, she followed him into the bedroom and tried to seduce him as he undressed but Calum being the gentleman that he is turned down Chloe’s advances. Best told her to be patient and that they would have a chance to flirt the following day. He also told her that she was beautiful and that he enjoyed her company. Other than Chloe’s unfortunate incident where her bra fell out, everything else pretty much turned out alright.

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