Chris Pratt Naked Butt In ‘Passengers’ Is One Of Major Highlights Of The Film

Chris Pratt’s naked butt in Passengers is one of the visual highlights of the new sci-fi film. Viewers of Passengers get to see the Hollywood superstar’s nudity not just once, but twice.

The first scene of Pratt’s naked butt in Passengers is when his character, Jim, is taking a shower. The second scene is when the character walks the halls of the ship in his birthday suit because there aren’t many people roaming the ship.

Passengers is not the first film that Pratt has chosen to display a little bit more of skin. The star also went nude in Parks & Recreation, where he portrayed a character called Andy Dwyer. In Parks & Recreation, Pratt as Dwyer shows up at his ex-girlfriend’s doorstep totally nude.

Chris Pratt naked butt in Passengers
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Pratt’s naked butt show in the Passengers continues Hollywood’s love for nudity in films. Perhaps for Pratt, it also suggests his future films could even be richer in naked scenes.

Besides Chris Pratt’s naked butt, Passengers is packed with numerous incredible visual shots, which would certainly keep viewers thrilled.

Chris Pratt’s Naked Butt in Passengers: Waking Up 90 Years Ahead of Time

Passengers is a story set in space, with Chris Pratt playing Jim and Jennifer Lawrence playing Aurora.

Jim and Aurora are strangers, but they are literally in the same boat. Their mission is to leave the Earth for another planet – to inhabit it. The journey is not only long, but also unprecedented. To survive the long journey, the passengers in the spaceship go on artificial hibernation. But Jim and Aurora, because of some hiccup, wake up nearly 90 years too early in the long journey. They are the only humans awake, and are lonely in the ship.

Chris Pratt naked butt in Passengers
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Though Passengers is a sci-fi film, it isn’t an adaptation of a science fiction novel. The original screenplay of the film was done by Jon Spaihts, but it took several different shapes before it entered production and hit theatre halls. The original Passengers screenplay was added to the screenplays catalog Black List in 2007, according to a Bustle report.

Trading the Film Rights

The Weinstein Company was the first studio to acquire rights to Passengers, according to a Variety report. But the studio would later trade the rights, with the control of the future film passing to Focus Features. Sony produced the film. At one point it was thought Keanu Reeves and either Rachel McAdams or Reese Witherspoon would play Jim and Aurora in the sci-fi space romance movie.

Spaihts once said he drew inspiration for Passengers from several past science fiction films, including the Terminator and The Day The Earth Stood Still. As the movie comes to the audiences, Spaihts says he feels gratified that his efforts have led to a major Hollywood production.

Chris Pratt’s Naked butt in Passengers Adds Color to the Movie

Chris Pratt’s naked butt in Passengers scenes could draw many fans of butts to the theatres to watch the film. While Chris Pratt and Jennifer Lawrence play the leading human roles in Passengers, Michael Sheen played the robot traveling with Jim and Aurora to the new planet.

Passengers is premiering at a time when Pratt has recently been vocal in sharing his experiences and feelings about going nude in movies. According to a report by Entertainment Tonight, the 37-year-old actor told James Corden on the Late Late Show that he isn’t going to reveal too much skin on camera any time. “You don’t see my Jon Stewart,” he said.

But even with a bit of nudity he shows in films, Pratt says deep mental preparation is involved before he shows his butt on camera as he has done in Passengers. While future Pratt movies could feature more nude scenes, the star’s view of going nude on camera seems to carry a dose of caution for his fans that they shouldn’t expect to see too much of his birthday suit.

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