Mia Khalifa: From Adult Video Star To Ambassador To Saudi Arabia?

Mia Khalifa left the adult entertainment industry a long time ago. She has since become a paid sports sponsor and contributor. Now, the internet wants to make her the U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

According to the Daily Caller, a petition on Change.org is asking President-elect Donald Trump to make Mia Khalifa the next ambassador to Saudi Arabia.

“Mia Khalifa has a proven track record of bringing people together regardless of cultural background for the betterment of our country and international community,” writes Dalcom Rodriguez-Goldstein, the petition’s author.

“She will be a great leader representing us in the middle east as a symbol of the melting pot that is America.”

Khalifa has no political or policy experience. However, that hasn’t stopped the petition from generating over 4,000 signatures, but it still needs over 1,000 signatures to reach its goal. If you agree that Khalifa should become the Saudi Arabian ambassador, you can sign the petition here.

According to Complex, if the petition made its way into the right hands, there is a chance that Khalifa won’t take the job. In a recent tweet, she revealed to her fans that she does not support the president-elect’s vow to make America “great” again.

This comes after Khalifa was said to have offered free oral sex to Trump’s supporters if he won. The 23-year-old social media star made her promise a week before the election. Now that Trump’s presidency has been announced, fans have been wondering if Khalifa will fulfill her promise. Khalifa is notorious for her curves, assets, as well as her adult videos.

“Who on [sic] their right mind would offer oral sex for a criminal?” Khalifa supposedly wrote on Twitter.

“I will give you a free oral if you vote for Donald Trump. Now, it’s time to choose not only who you want for president, but also who you want a [sic] oral job from. This is wear.”

Khalifa was reportedly lashing out at Clinton and Madonna at the time, even though it seems like she doesn’t approve of Trump either. According to the Toronto Sun, Khalifa was making a safe bet at the time. She has yet to respond to fulfill her promise. Khalifa also begged her fans to get tested and to wear protection.

Back in July, Khalifa told The Washington Post that she has since taken a break from the adult video world and is rebranding herself as a sexy sports journalist. Khalifa currently has over 1 million Twitter followers and another 500,000 followers on Instagram, thanks to her racy photos and opinionated views on sports. Khalifa admitted she was only in the adult industry for three months, and that she quit over a year, although she still posts racy and flirty content on her social media accounts.

“I guess it was my rebellious phase,” she said. “It wasn’t really for me. I kind of smartened up and tried to distance myself from that,” she added.

Khalifa told The Washington Post that she has since changed careers, but she didn’t state exactly what she does now. She wants to use her social media presence to celebrate her favorite hometown teams and to interact with her fans. Khalifa is also part of D.C.’s Loss Generation, a generation of young people who don’t recall the Redskins Super Bowls and have few losses to celebrate.

“I was a big D.C. sports fan obviously when I lived there, but when I moved away — even when I was in college in Texas — it was a taste of home to me,” she said.

“It cured my homesickness, it made me feel like I was still a part of D.C.”

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What are your thoughts on this online petition? Do you think Mia Khalifa should become the next U.S. ambassador to Saudi Arabia? Sound off below in the comments section.