WWE News: David Arquette Talks WCW Title Win On Anniversary

David Arquette made news 16-years-ago in the professional wrestling world. It was on April 25, 2000, that the actor made history when he pinned Eric Bischoff inside the wrestling ring to win the WCW World Heavyweight Championship. The Arquette title win was one of the key things that many people point to when identifying the decline of WCW and how the WWE beat them in the Monday Night Wars once and for all.

Interestingly, Arquette's desire to take part in the professional wrestling business was not sated by that small taste of professional wrestling glory. Now that the WWE is the main wrestling promotion in the country, there are a number of smaller federations trying to vie for second place, with TNA Impact Wrestling, Ring of Honor, and Lucha Underground as the key competitors. In an interview with Boom Stick Comics, Arquette said that he met with the producers of Lucha Underground about coming to their company.

Arquette said that he wasn't looking at wrestling again, but was instead looking at coming in as a masked manager known as El Baracho, a character that was also carrying around a bottle of booze, one that Arquette would use as a weapon when his charges needed help. Lucha Underground must not have been in interested because they passed on David's suggestion.

David Arquette as WCW world champion
[Image via WWE]Whether or not Lucha Underground sees David Arquette as an embarrassment for winning the WCW title, Arquette himself has no problem with the event or the memories it has left him. In an interview with WWE.com, David looks back on the win and what it means to him.
"It was like being a little kid living a dream just to be backstage and meeting all the wrestlers and heroes I'd watched my whole life. I used to watch Andre the Giant wrestle at the LA Sports Arena. So to be part of it and live that experience for a month was incredible."
Many long-time wrestling fans hate Arquette for winning a prestigious world title from a major professional wrestling organization. Arquette even remembered a young boy in Memphis who gave him the middle finger and then threw a chunk of dirt that hit the actor in the eye. Despite this, David did not take the win lightly.

After winning the world title, Arquette only held it for two weeks before losing it in a match that saw Jeff Jarrett win the title. David said that he was against winning the title, knowing the fans of WCW and the WWE would hate the idea of an actor holding the belt. In the end, Arquette donated all the money that WCW paid him to the families of Owen Hart and Brian Pillman, two former WWE stars who died, and Darren Drosdov, who became a quadriplegic during an in-ring accident in a match with D-Lo Brown.

Of course, it was movies that led David Arquette to WCW. Arquette starred in the film Ready to Rumble the same year he won the WCW world title, playing a huge professional wrestling fan who gets wrapped up in the behind-the-scenes drama of the wrestling business. WCW stars such as Diamond Dallas Page, Bill Goldberg, and WWE Hall of Famer Sting also appeared in the movie.

Arquette moved on from his brush with professional wrestling fame and continued his Hollywood career with a mix of successful and less-than-successful movies over the last 16 years. David last appeared in the cult favorite horror movie Bone Tomahawk in 2015. His latest interview with Boom Stick Comics is about his current festival movie Orion, a post-apocalyptic film where Arquette plays a man trying to save the world.

David Arquette at WWE event
[Image via WWE]This was not the end of his infatuation with professional wrestling, though. In 2010, David Arquette appeared in the WWE and wrestled in a handicap match, teaming with Alex Riley against Randy Orton, a match that saw Orton put Arquette through a table.

[Image via WWE]