‘Bachelorette’ JoJo Fletcher Dishes On Losing Her Virginity And Buying Sex Toys During ‘Raunchy’ Date With 12 Guys

JoJo Fletcher’s season of The Bachelorette is shaping up to be a controversial one and it’s not just the guys who are creating some questionable moments. Not only is JoJo coming under fire by her ex-boyfriend, Chad Rookstool, her comments about her virginity and sex toys will have many fans questioning if she went on the show for the right reasons.

Producer Mike Fleiss has been tweeting about JoJo’s dates with her 25 guys since filming started last week. During Wednesday’s group date, he tweeted that the conversations were “TVMA” (suitable for mature audiences) but didn’t go into detail. However, blogger Reality Steve got the scoop on what he called the “raunchiest” group date in the history of the show.

The “sex talk” group date was hosted by comedienne Jenna Brister and included 12 of JoJo’s suitors. Steve’s source states that during the date, the Bachelorette and her guys shared candid sex stories and some of the stories, including JoJo’s, were NSFW or for prime-time TV. The details below will have many fans wondering if ABC will bleep most of this date out, including JoJo’s reference to “anal beads.”

“Every other word out of her mouth was sh** and f**k,” Steve writes. “I wouldn’t tell stories like this in private to the person I trusted most in this world, let alone on a group date in front of an audience which will eventually be shown on live TV.”

The guys told tales about sticking vibrating razors where the sun doesn’t shine, getting caught in the act by a parent, and getting horned out after the Bachelorette rose ceremonies, but that’s not all.

What JoJo shared has many fans cheering that Bachelor Ben Higgins picked Lauren Bushnell over the 25-year-old real estate developer. Spoilers indicate that she talked being a virgin at 17 and buying “condoms, lube, and anal beads” to use with her boyfriend.

Reality Steve states that she went on to reveal that after she stripped down inside a parked car with her boyfriend, they were caught by police and she was taken home to her “conservative Christian-based” parents. She then revealed that she didn’t end up losing her virginity that night, but did when she was 19.

Minutes after Steve posted about the date on Facebook, his readers reactions to JoJo’s sex talk were not positive.

“The fact that JoJo would even want this or participate in this is horrible. This says a lot about her character! Just blowin [sic] away on this one… Go Ben and Lauren!! JoJo doesn’t have enough class for Ben, she fooled us all!

“Sounds like the trashiest date in #Bachelorette history! Bachelor Nation has hit an all-time low.”

If the group date that was taped on Wednesday isn’t enough to turn Bachelor Nation off, what JoJo’s ex has to say about her will leave fans wondering if she is looking for true love or fame.

According to previous report from the Inquisitr, JoJo’s ex-boyfriend, Chad Rookstool, revealed that they got back together after filming for Ben’s season of the Bachelor wrapped up in November and she admitted that she didn’t fall in love with Ben. If what Chad says is true, she took the gig as the Bachelorette for “career purposes” and didn’t want to break off their relationship.

Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher Chad Rookstool Bachelorette JoJo Fletcher and her ex-boyfriend, Chad Rookstool [Image via Chad Rookstool Instagram]Taping for JoJo Fletcher’s season of the Bachelorette will continue through early May when she will either give out her final rose or walk away single. Fans can expect more spoilers to leak out in the coming weeks before the May 23 premiere.

Do you think ABC’s choice to choose JoJo as the Bachelorette was a good move or would Caila Quinn or Becca Tilley been a better choice?