‘Agent Carter’ Actress Bridget Regan Teases Dottie’s Return

Warning: This article may contain spoilers for Agent Carter.

Russian spy Dottie Underwood, played by Bridget Regan, will return in a two-episode event on Marvel’s Agent Carter, as Peggy Carter (Hayley Atwell) feels compelled to seek out her help on a delicate case. While this certainly is a welcome opportunity for Dottie to escape her imprisonment, even if only for a short time, it seems obvious that Agent Carter isn’t at all happy with the situation. Adding to the possibility of regaining her freedom, Regan says Dottie is also pleased with being placed in a position of power, as it happens by Peggy’s need of her help.

Agent Carter Feeds Dottie’s Obsession With Peggy

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Bridget reveals that there’s a unique relationship between Peggy and Dottie, which really stems from the way her own character feels about Agent Carter. The actress describes her character as a sexual creature, willing to use flirtation and “feminine prowess” to achieve whatever goal she might be after at any given moment. For this two-episode event, that means getting back at Peggy for defeating her and for being the one to send her to prison, which is something that has never before happened.

It seems Dottie will have her hands full in this Agent Carter event. In addition to helping (and possibly facing off against) Peggy, Bridget’s character will also come face to face with Whitney (Wynn Everett), also known as Madame Masque, which may prove to be one of her most unpredictable confrontations.

“That’s a mystery because Dottie doesn’t know anything about Whitney. She doesn’t know about Zero Matter. She has no idea. So in that moment, Dottie’s human. She’s like everybody.”

Speaking of her own character, Regan says that in auditioning for the Agent Carter series, she was not told that Dottie would be a Black Widow. Later, after she was cast, Agent Carter producers asked the actress to change her red hair color, because they felt that would be an easy tip off to fans that she was a take on the Black Widow character.

Agent Carter‘s Hayley Atwell Gives An Insider’s Look Into Peggy

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Atwell says there’s some emotional turmoil for her character to work through in this season of Agent Carter, particularly when it comes to dealing with her relationship with Daniel Sousa (Enver Gjokaj). After having been promoted to chief, Sousa calls for reinforcements and, as a matter of mere coincidence, Peggy is sent. It’s a surprise for both of them, creating an awkward situation as Peggy realizes Sousa never specifically asked for her.

“It starts off with lots of chemistry and tension between them but still they’re so kind of lame in their own ways that they’re not getting on with it, they’re so kind of fragile as human beings, so that’s played out through this season too,” says Hayley.

In meeting Whitney Frost, Atwell’s Agent Carter character finds someone to admire, as she recognizes that Whitney has had to overcome similar obstacles faced by Peggy, herself. She holds an admiration for Frost and also an understanding that she felt she had to take a dark path to achieve her dreams and become the famous movie star of those ambitions.

“She might be the nemesis, but at the same time I think there’s an absolute respect for Whitney’s mind and her ambition and what she had to overcome to get the success that she has in the movie world.”

Atwell says that her most exciting interaction on Agent Carter has been with Bridget Regan, because the writers have given them such compelling material. Hayley compares the interactions between Dottie and Peggy to a chess game, because, on the surface, they seem very polite and refined, but their words contain subtext that belies deeper meanings.

“I think Bridget is a fantastic actress… And so as an actor I’m loving my scenes with Bridget.”

The next episode of Agent Carter airs tonight on ABC.

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