Lil Wayne’s 2016 Tour Online As He Is ‘Lost’ In ‘No Ceilings 2’ Reviews

Lil Wayne is being described as “lost in the wilderness” and in “label limbo” just as he announces his new Dedication tour.

Along with this announcement, Lil Wayne is getting feedback from his latest mixtape — with mixed reviews.

Less than a week after releasing the No Ceilings 2 mixtape, Lil Wayne stated that he would be going on tour in 2016, according to Consequence of Sound.

However, regardless of being on top of the game, Lil Wayne is currently being described as “lost in the wilderness” by Stereogum. Reasons that Lil Wayne is being described this way is due to the writer’s interpretation of both Lil Wayne headlines and No Ceilings 2 lyrics.

At the end of the review, Stereogum stated the following about Lil Wayne’s current path.

“Everyone else learned everything from Lil Wayne. And now we have to hear Lil Wayne wandering, friendless, in a world that he created. It’s f***** up.”

Is it possible that Lil Wayne has lonely at the top syndrome? Stereogum also highlights the underlying meanings of Lil Wayne’s father/son breakup with Birdman — and how Lil Wayne may never escape Birdman.

To make matters worse, MTV reports that Birdman was recorded making comments about Lil Wayne and allegedly said the following in a sales pitch to Slim Jesus around November 30.

“Lil Wayne ain’t going nowhere. I know what you’ve been hearing, but Lil Wayne 1,000. That’s my son. He ain’t going nowhere. Ain’t nobody going nowhere.”

Although Stereogum does not appear to think that No Ceilings 2 is Lil Wayne’s best work (perhaps due to Birdman drama), others disagree. For instance, Hey Reverb writes, “Lil Wayne’s No Ceilings 2 mixtape series is proof that when it comes to rap calisthenics, he’s got more stamina than Richard Simmons.”

Regardless of the reviews from critics, Lil Wayne has plenty of loyal fans that like to show their own version of dedication. According to Forbes, “Lil Wayne’s mixtapes tend to perform well upon release — and No Ceilings 2 is no exception. Since [November 26], it has already racked up over 900,000 plays at DatPiff with an additional 525,000 plays via Audiomack.”

Lil Wayne is lost or a Birdman prisoner.
Despite being described as "lost" by one reviewer, Slim Jesus might say he is a captive of Birdman and therefore easily found. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

While Forbes had many positive things to say about Lil Wayne, they warned that he was in “label limbo” and that in and of itself is problematic.

Of course, cities listed on Lil Wayne’s Dedication tour were quick to write of their enthusiasm. As WFMJ points out, this tour is Lil Wayne’s way of visiting cities he does not normally perform in — as a way of “thanking fans.”

On the other hand, Rochester, New York, is excited to see if Lil Wayne can avoid canceling his show in their city. According to the Democrat and Chronicle, Lil Wayne canceled a 2008 concert in Rochester — and also canceled the two subsequent reschedules. Naturally, if Lil Wayne canceled three shows in a row in Rochester — they may have the right to be slightly suspicious.

Lil Wayne is trying to visit smaller cities in 2016.
Lil Wayne's tour is all about going to cities he has never or rarely visited before. (Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

Although he has had plenty of success lately, Lil Wayne may need some distractions from the stress in his life, nonetheless.

For instance, as previously reported by the Inquisitr, Christina Milian is still talking about her Lil Wayne breakup on her reality television show, Turned Up. Lil Wayne allegedly took Dhea Sodano to the Carter family Thanksgiving instead of Christina Milian — but it does not mean Lil Wayne does not care for her.

Other stressors for Lil Wayne include having to put up his private Miami skatepark for collateral to repay the private jet company he owes money to, according to the Miami Herald.

Of course, Lil Wayne might not miss his skatepark for now since he is recovering from a skateboarding injury. TMZ reports that his surgery went well, but Lil Wayne’s elbow still looks grizzly.

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]