Black Youth Launches Sickening Knockout Attack On Helpless, Homeless White Woman As Bystanders Watch Unconcerned [Graphic Video]

A shocking and utterly sickening video has emerged online showing a black youth attacking a helpless and homeless white woman at a park in Atlanta City. And equally shocking are the bystanders and passers-by watching the vicious assault indifferently. None one tried to remonstrate with the attackers, and no one attempted to help the woman or call the police.

[Warning: Video depicts graphic violence. User discretion is very strongly advised.]

The disturbing and distressing footage, reportedly filmed on October 17 at the Browns Park in Atlantic City, shows a young black male launching a vicious and cowardly attack on an older white woman.

The video shows the young man dressed in black hoodie, making menacing, threatening movements, gestures, and noises, while standing in front of a white woman sitting in the park.

Black Youth Knocks Out Homeless White Woman
Black Youth Abuses And Threatens Homeless White Woman Before Launching Vicious Knockout Attack On Her

As the young male directs abusive language at her and prepares to attack, the woman looks apprehensive and, at a point, raises an arm in fear that she was about to be assaulted. But she remained seated and did not make an attempt to leave the place, probably because she felt cornered.

As the young male in black hoodie circles threateningly in front of the woman, the man behind the camera can be heard inciting him, encouraging him to attack.

The young man can be heard asking his victim, “I ain’t gonna do what? I ain’t gonna grab you? I ain’t gonna do what?”

Somone off camera shouts, “She said you ain’t gonna smack her dog.”

Suddenly, the youth hits the woman hard in the temple. He swings his fist so fast and hard that the woman did not have time to react self-defensively.

“Bing!” says the man behind the video as the punch hits the woman on the side of the face with an audible smack.

“It’s over!” another person shouts with laughter as the victim falls back unconscious and unmoving.

The attackers laugh gleefully and congratulate each other. The camera focuses on the face of the unconscious woman. Her face is expressionless and eerily serene as she lies unconscious.

She appears to have a fresh cut on the side of her face.

Despite having committed a grievous felony on camera, the attacker stands triumphantly over his victim. He faces the camera and begins to boast about what he has done, saying, “F**k dat White B****h.”

The man behind the camera laughs and comments further in sadistic amusement.

Overall, they give an impression of enjoying their cowardly behavior.

Black Youth Boasts On Camera
Black Youth Boasts About What He Has Done And Calls Victim A 'White B***h.'

And equally shocking is the seeming indifference of bystanders and passers-by. Judging from their reactions to the outrage being perpetrated in their presence, one could conclude that such attacks are regular and commonplace occurrence at the park. It also suggests that the victim could have been an unwary outsider who wandered into the area without realizing the danger she was exposing herself to.

“Nobody cares, nobody helped, just stares or giggles. American culture is horrible.

“I think the crowd was a bunch of alcoholic derelicts, which is why they were so catatonic.”

The men left the scene unchallenged and uploaded the video online. According to Press of Atlantic City, the video was first shared on social media at about about 1:14 p.m. on Saturday, under the username Bdsb BroadDay. The user reportedly shared the video multiple times on his Facebook timeline before police saw it and issued an arrest warrant.


According to a descripton of the footage on Liveleak, the woman is a 45-year-old homeless woman. Police reportedly said she is in a critical, but stable, condition at the Atlantic City Hospital, having suffered serious head and brain trauma.

While the attacker, believed to be a teenager, has not been identified, the man behind the camera is allegedly 25-year-old Ibn Hunter. He has reportedly been arrested by police and charged with aggravated assault. What is believed to be his Facebook page has since been taken down.

Photos of the alleged offender — Ibn Hunter — have emerged online. But the Inqusitir is unable to confirm the authenticity of the photos showing a heavily tattooed African-American male.

But according to Press of Atlantic City, he has a long criminal record, including cocaine possession at the age of 16.

“The man’s name is Ibn Hunter. He has a criminal record including: burglary, robbery and drug possession.”

Viewers have expressed outrage at the attack. The footage has provoked strong feelings among white audiences, whose reactions to the disgusting actions of evidently criminal and sociopathic inner city youths is an outpouring of angry generalizing racist invectives and anti-black sentiments.

For instance, on RT, a majority of the comments in reaction to the footage were so viciously racist that the moderators were forced to delete them.

The footage and the reactions to it portray the morass of self-sustaining vicious cycle of historical mutual race antagonism in which the country is trapped.

[Images: YouTube Screengrab]