Young Thug To Leak A Track

It has been a busy five months for Young Thug as he has been working hard to release and push his mixtapes. Young Thug’s first this year was the Barter 6 tape that dropped in April.

Apparently, Young Thug had to change its name from Carter V to Barter 6 to avoid getting into legal issues with Lil Wayne, who is renowned for his Carter series.

With a feud with Cash Money still ongoing, Wayne’s Carter V album has yet to be unveiled. As such, Young Thug, at the time of his original announcement, sought to fill this void with a Carter V mixtape.

This was Young Thug’s statement at the time, according to BET, during an interview with No Days Off Radio.

“I’ma drop one more mixtape [before my album]… I’ll probably name it Tha Carter V, ’cause the original Carter V still ain’t came out yet. I don’t know what the f**k they doing. So I’ma put that motherf***r out for ’em.”

This brewed a beef between Young Thug and Lil Wayne. Recently, Lil Wayne announced that he has a new album coming out soon while taking a jab at Cash Money. He said the following about it before dropping the mic at a recent performance.

Free Weezy album coming soon. Carter V coming soon. F**k Cash Money.”

This is according to Music Times.

Wayne’s new album was set to coincide with Young Thug’s Slime Season, which was announced to be released on July 4.

It is actually a collection of mixtapes by the rapper produced by London on da Track.

However, Young Thug has just indicated that he won’t be releasing his mixtape on the planned date, but he will leak a track from the project instead.

This is according to Hot New Hiphop. The Free Weezy album, on the other hand, is still set to be released tomorrow and most likely on Tidal, a new music streaming site partly owned by numerous artists, including Jay Z, Beyonce, Alicia Keys, and Lil Wayne.

About the ongoing beef between Young Thug and Lil Wayne and the attempt to use the Carter V name, T.I., who has been working with the former, had this to say during a recent telephone interview on The Whoolywood Shuffle radio show.

“I asked Thugga [Young Thug] myself… I said, ‘Hey brother, what you doing?’ What’s going on? And he basically responded. He said, ‘Everybody’s making it a whole lot more… I’m doing it to pay homage. That’s my favorite rapper.”

This is as reported by Latin Post.

[Photo by Rick Diamond/Getty Images for PUMA]