Just Kidding? Zayn Malik Loses 50K Fans, BFF Fight Over Post-1D Solo Demo

Zayn Malik said “just kidding” about posting a solo track on Soundcloud that was taken down within 24 hours — but is the April Fools Day joke on him? On March 30, a fan was filmed for her reaction that Zayn Malik would be re-joining One Direction and then told “just kidding.” And yet it seems that someone is playing a joke on Zayn Malik because he ended up losing 50,000 fans on Twitter after he published a solo track.

Worse, Zayn Malik’s best friend from One Direction is also angry at the producer for Zayn’s new solo demo track. In other words, on April 1, Zayn Malik may wonder if the joke is on him — and that he has been made an April Fool.

Things are happening fast with Zayn Malik these days, so it pays to recount the events of the 48 hours leading up to April Fools Day fooling Zayn Malik. On March 30, a video of a fan with the caption “just kidding” hit the internet. The Zayn Malik “just kidding” video is described by O.K. Magazine that states, “April Fool’s Day came early for the youngster who became the victim of the ultimate prank.”

The video that follows shows a very young female fan that is told that Zayn Malik will be returning to One Direction. The fan has a funny reaction with gleeful screaming, and then is told that they are just kidding — because Zayn is not coming back to One Direction. Of course, the young fan is let down about Zayn Malik not going back to One Direction.

The next day, on March 31, Zayn Malik hits the internet on Soundcloud with his solo track release from producer Naughty Boy. Fans felt torn between Zayn Malik and One Direction and 50,000 fans decide to leave Zayn Malik at once in protest — likely due to the fight between Zayn Malik’s new producer and Louis Tomlinson that occurred on Twitter.

The incident grew worse for Zayn Malik because it is reported that Louis Tomlinson of One Direction is furious at Naughty Boy — and perhaps none of that anger is directed at the new Zayn Malik solo demo track. BBC News reports that Louis Tomlinson and Zayn Malik’s new producer, Naughty Boy, have been having an open fight on Twitter where Tomlinson calls Naughty Boy rude and Tomlinson says he is always “biting his tongue.”

Naughty Boy released the solo song by Zayn Malik on March 31 on Soundcloud a short period of time after fighting with Louis Tomlinson on Twitter — but the track “I Won’t Mind” was taken down later that same day. It is alleged to have had the caption, “There is nothing but love for what was left behind. That’s why we don’t mind. ;) #zaughty #zinabad.”

Glamour Magazine U.K. states that “The song has now been taken down, no doubt due to the abuse from One Direction fans – and the fact that Zayn Malik lost 50k Twitter overnight….. Zayn has yet to speak out about the whole debacle. [sic]”

Could it get any worse for Zayn Malik? Zayn Malik probably wants someone to yell out “just kidding” to him at this point. After all, the days leading up to April Fools Day have been particularly drama-filled — and maybe Zayn Malik is ready to find out this has all been one big prank.

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