'Bachelor' News: Michelle Money Says Britt Is 'Amazing' For Not Showering, Then Cashes In On No-Shower Trend

Former Bachelor in Paradise star Michelle Money now thinks Britt Nilsson is "amazing" for not showering, just weeks after she trashed the Bachelor star for going shower-free.

Money, who appeared on Brad Womack's season of the Bachelor (Season 15) and the series spinoff, Bachelor in Paradise, was in the audience at the season premiere in January. She caused an uproar among Britt's fans after telling host Chris Harrison, "I heard a rumor. I heard that [Britt] doesn't shower."

She recently apologized for her comment and is now trying to cash in on the situation by selling "I haven't showered in weeks" t-shirts to her fans.

After Monday's episode of the Bachelor, when it was revealed that Britt doesn't shower and wears full makeup to bed, Michelle suddenly became a big fan of Britt's shower-less ways by tweeting several times about the $28 "I haven't showered in weeks" t-shirts that are for sale on her website.In an apparent effort to get support for her t-shirt business, Money also gave a shout-out to Britt on her Facebook page by writing, "Britt is adorable and I am probably her biggest fan. Anyone who doesn't shower is a friend of mine! Lol!"

At least one fan of the show called Michelle out for capitalizing on the very topic she laughed about at the premiere.

For those who didn't watch Episode 5, Britt admitted that she hadn't showered "in weeks" prior to her one-on-one date with Chris. The Bachelor woke Britt up at 4 a.m. to go on a hot air balloon ride — she was ready upon wake-up, complete with glittery eye makeup and glossy lips.

Britt, who is rumored to be the next Bachelorette, didn't take time to shower and pulled on a pair of socks so dirty that they may have been left over from the previous week's MuckFest MS date. The date also included a "nap" in Chris' hotel room in New Mexico, and one can assume that there was no shower included on that portion of the date.

Fans of the show had plenty to say about Britt not showering, including Bachelor Pad winner Nick Peterson.

What do you think about Michelle Money's attempt to cash in on Britt's shower-less lifestyle? Moreover, what do you think about Britt not showering?

[Photos: @BachelorABC Twitter, Michelle Money]