Craigslist Dog Killer Jason Brown Tortured, Dismembered Five Dogs He Bought Through Website

Craigslist dog killer Jason Brown has been apprehended and charged with five felony counts of willful torture of an animal and one count of possession of a controlled substance (methamphetamine).

According to the Reno Gazette-Journal, Brown, 24, “killed and dismembered five dogs” in a Reno motel. At least two of the dogs, the site notes, were obtained “from a woman trying to find a new home for the pets.”

Police arrested Brown on Wednesday afternoon.

“We recognize that this is a community that cares deeply for our animals,” said Bob Harmon, of the Washoe County Sheriff’s Office. “So this is a hard story for everyone, and it’s a difficult investigation, and we’re going to continue investigating until this goes to court.”

The police report states that Brown was staying at a Super 8 Motel room in south Reno, 5851 South Virginia St., where the dismembered dogs were found at about 3:30 pm Tuesday.

More from RGJ:

He had checked in June 27, paid for the stay up to July 8, and kept staff from cleaning the room throughout his stay, the police report said.

A maid had knocked on the door to check on him days later, but no one answered. She then unlocked the door to clean the room and found bloodstains, dog limbs, drugs and drug paraphernalia, including hypodermic needles.

She then called the manager, who found a decapitated brown dog in the bathtub and called Reno police.

While the manager waited for police to arrive, Brown had returned to the room and then fled, according to the report.

Super 8 Motel in Reno refused to make any comments Friday afternoon.

“We haven’t had any cases like this before,” said Kevin Schiller, Washoe County Regional Animal Services assistant manager and department head. “This is probably the second major case we’ve had dealing with animal abuse. They’re not that common, at least at this level.”

Police said they also found four dog heads inside a small refrigerator, “along with several bloody knives and scissors.”

Nevada passed Cooney’s Law in 2011, allowing police to charge the Craigslist dog killer with felony counts.

The law originated with the death of a dog named Cooney, who was adopted by Raymond Rios of Reno. Rios sliced her stomach with a box cutter in a local motel and watched as the dog died from shock and blood loss.

At the time, the law only allowed Rios to be charged with a misdemeanor.

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