Avril Lavigne Listens To Radiohead In The Kitchen, Still Rocks Out To Green Day

Avril Lavigne loves to rock out to Radiohead while she’s cooking something to eat.

If you need as much information about the Canadian-born rocker as humanly possible, then you should definitely check out her interview with the folks at Radio.com. Not only did she discuss the inspiration for her recent self-titled album, she also dropped a few details about the music she’s jamming to these days.

Although Avril Lavigne is rapidly approaching her 30s, she still loves to listen to the bands she discovered during her teenage years. When the rocker is fixing something to eat at home, she often throws on a little Radiohead to get her in the mood to cook.

“I love Radiohead. I cook a lot, I put Radiohead records on in my kitchen. I actually had a really cool night where I got to meet the guys, and it was all very pleasant,” the singer explained during her interview.

Avril Lavigne also dished on the music she’s currently spinning in her stereo:

“The majority of the music I listen to now, today, in my free time, is the stuff I’ve always listened to. Blink 182 remind me of being in high school, and Green Day. When I first started out on the music scene, Green Day were playing a lot of the festivals I was playing and it was really cool for me to see, because in [school], I was listening to a lot of their stuff and I was playing Summer Sonic festival with them. A lot of Frank Sinatra and Coldplay, but I listen to a lot of older stuff that I have on my computer.”

Nostalgia was reportedly a common theme through Avril Lavigne. The singer said 17 was a very important age for her, and it’s a time she often discusses with her friends. What happened during her teenage years helped influence the direction of the new tunes.

However, trying new things was important to Lavigne as well.

“It was really important for me to be true to my roots, but to also be open to experimenting working with new people and trying out new sounds. I wrote a lot of music for this record and that’s why I think this album is so diverse,” she explained.

She added, “I picked my favorite songs, and I feel like it’s a strong record. There’s a lot going on, there’s summer songs, there’s pop songs, there’s rock tunes, there’s ballads, and, you know ‘Hello Kitty’ is an electronic tune.”

Did you pick up a copy of the new Avril Lavigne album?