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Man Refuses To Attend His Sister's Wedding After Discovering Her Fiancé Is Racist

Cha Miñoza - Author

Nov. 24 2022, Published 3:44 p.m. ET

Racism should never be tolerated in this modern age. It spreads hate, incites violence, and causes a great divide among nations. One man shared an unfortunate story about how bigotry led to a rift in his family.

A 28-year-old man on Reddit, who is also known as DeepFriedJerk, heard racist remarks from his twin sister's fiancé, leading him to uninvite himself from the wedding. The Redditor explained that he hails from a white, British family and he is married to a dark-skinned woman who he absolutely loves. During an instance when he was helping his sister with invites, he noticed that his wife's name wasn't included in the guest list. When he asked the reason for this, he was told by his sister's fiancé that "it wouldn't be appropriate" because she would be the only "blackie" there.

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Enraged, he told his twin sister to cancel his invitation too because he wouldn't be attending as well. The drama blew up and their family members have chosen sides. Now, he is asking:

"AITA for refusing to attend my sister's wedding because of her fiancé?"

His Sister's Fiancé Didn't Invite His Wife To The Wedding Because She's Black

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Their Family Is Fighting Because Of The Incident

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His Twin Sister and Fiancé Have Been Disowned By The Family

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Confronting Racist Family Members

Addressing racism within the family is never easy but the Redditor was brave to confront the problem head-on. His wife was being disrespected with racist remarks so he stepped in to protect his loved one.

According to Desiree Adaway, a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion consultant, difficult conversations are essential to disrupt racism. In a family setting, it might be more constructive to approach this problem with great care and love.

"We can hold folks accountable and hold them with great care. If the ultimate goal is to get someone to change their problematic behavior, then we need to be intentional and strategic about how we encourage people to do that. We can do this with compassion and care," she explained to Parents.

In a later update, the Redditor added that he found out his twin sister was racist as well. This revelation has further prompted his family to cut ties with them.

Many Redditors Pointed Out That Racist Supporters Are Just As Guilty

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This Person Shares He Will Protect His Black Girlfriend Too

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The Community Agrees That There Is No Place For Racism Today

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