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People Are Changing Their License Plates To The Craziest Things


Oct. 23 2022, Published 3:41 p.m. ET

As you may know, license plates are mandatory. All vehicles have a unique plate that works as identification for legal processes and, of course, to help the owner recognize their car. Though they might seem like a random combination of numbers and letters, they must follow some rules.

License plates should always be visible, and they become really useful when cars are stolen, among other safety reasons, especially nowadays that have been upgraded, and some of them are GPS enabled.

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Still, a few years ago, changing your license plate to be more fun became really popular. Since then, people have come up with the most creative messages to put on their plates; some are jokes, others are names, but all are outstanding. Several people are sharing on Reddit the funniest plates they have seen; if you are looking for some inspiration, check them out.

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Beware If You Hit Them

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The Best Plate For A Beetle

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Add Accessories To Show Your Personality

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Customized plates are getting more common than one would think; even though they are a legal number, you only have to pay extra to get what are known as vanity plates. But, of course, you must remember that you have limited space to put the best message to show everyone your personality.

Most people settle with their nickname, but some creative individuals have managed to think of great jokes and puns that make others laugh when they are stuck in traffic or in the grocery store parking lot.

There is an account on TikTok, @licenseplatetok, also known as Ethan the license plate guy, who is a big fan of vanity plates and shares all of his knowledge about them. Ethan has been interested in license plates since he was a kid and started showing on his account all the fun plates he sights on the road. He's got 189.2K followers who enjoy his game.

Ethan believes he has more than a thousand different plates in his collection, mainly from the U.S and Canada, and has said that his favorite one might be from the Northwest Territories in Canada because it is in the shape of a polar bear.

He encourages everyone to appreciate license plates because they have a lot of history behind them and can tell you a lot about a place or a person. Many of his followers commented that they had grown an interest in the topic thanks to his videos.

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