NBA News: Warriors' Andrew Wiggins Sounds Off On The Haters

Andrew Wiggins
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Ernesto Cova

The Golden State Warriors drew some backlash when they traded for Andrew Wiggins. He had failed to live up to the expectations as a first-overall pick, and his salary was way too steep for his contributions.

Fast-forward to today, and they wouldn't have been able to win the NBA Finals without his stout defense and offensive contributions.

He Took It Personal

Andrew Wiggins
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But even though he became a defensive cornerstone for them, Wiggins still felt disrespected. He didn't get a single vote for an All-Defensive Team, which only fueled his fire even more in the playoffs:

“I didn’t get not one vote this year,” Wiggins told Vince Carter. “So, I was like, I took it personal in the playoffs. I was like, ‘This is my chance to really showcase what I can do. Put my name on the radar.’”

Wiggins Heard The Rumors

Andrew Wiggins
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Wiggins shut down plenty of his critics during the playoffs. But he still wasn't in the clear. Shortly after winning a championship, his name was tangled up in Kevin Durant trade rumors:

"Never know what could happen in the NBA, you know I mean, we couldn't put it past anything, it's a business first and that's KD, so you know what I'm saying so, you never know what could happen," Wiggins said.

He's Unfazed By The Noise

Andrew Wiggins
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Still, Wiggins has been used to being in the spotlight since day one, so he's learned how to shut down all the outside noise and focus on the things he can control:

"But I don't never let anything stress me out, I don't worry about it, I'm a big believer in God, I feel like God got me, you know, blessed me with a lot of different opportunities and so you know I feel good and whatever happens, happens, in my eyes, you know I hoop and I love basketball," Wiggins continued.

He's Looking Forward To The Season

Andrew Wiggins
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Once an outsider, Wiggins has now become an integral part of the Warrior's core and has grown close with his teammates:

"There's been communication in the group chat [with Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson and Draymond Green], but I feel like in the summertime everyone just-- everybody has families and friends, and kids and stuff like that, so everyone's doing their own thing, enjoying the summer before we get back to work," he concluded.

Wiggins has found a new home in the Bay, and it seems he's not going anywhere soon.