McKayla Maroney Flaunts Her Figure In A Bikini

McKayla Maroney
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Ashabi Azeez

McKayla Maroney has fans drooling over her toned physique and captivating bikini snaps. The former Olympian looks great in any color but there is something about how she rocks blue bikinis which always gets fans in a frenzy.

Eye-Catching Sunny Snap

McKayla Maroney
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The retired athlete took to Instagram to share a sizzling sunny snap rocking a blue and white pattern bikini. She looked gorgeous showing off her glossy skin and captivating figure. The bikini top highlighted her cleavage, and the bottom clung onto her trim waist, all displaying her fabulous curves and flat tummy.

She soaked up the sun and posed standing next to some beautiful flowers. The gold medal winner let her brunette hair down and gave a sultry look directly at the camera. Fans were quick to appreciate her beauty. One commented, "You look great in blue" and another commented with, "You are gorgeous looking," adding a ton of heart emojis. 

Basking In Beauty Hour

McKayla Maroney
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The 26-year-old flaunted her gorgeous figure as she basked in her beauty hour. Rocking a blue bikini with silver straps and patterns, the athlete celebrated the 4th of July looking gorgeous as ever. The two-piece bikini highlighted her toned legs, abs, slim waist, and jaw-dropping curves as she posed sitting on a white blanket.

The background featured beautiful climbing flowers which made it look tropical and colorful. She styled her wet brunette hair to a side and applied lip gloss to make her lips pop and gave a little smile at the camera. The California native flaunted her glossy skin to her 1.4 million Instagram fans, showing them she still has her drop-dead athlete figure even after retirement. 

A Quick Health Look

McKayla Maroney
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McKayla was in the news in February 2021 for kidney stone diagnoses and had been giving health talks on Glohé wellness on how to maintain the skin. A med spa revealed a result that was quite shocking to the London 2012 Olympics fans. Inquisitr reports that the Olympian took to Instagram to post a snap and revealed she had a genetic condition called Kp, (Keratosis Pilaris) which is a harmless but common skin condition with symptoms of tiny bumps or dry skin, with no known cure.

The selfie was taken in a spa where she sizzled in a black strapless top and addressed fans, "Kp, but make it sexy". She further explained, "Crazy enough this is actually my Kp at its best!! Two years ago it was way worse, I had tons of raised active bumps, and even more redness, and inflammation". 

A Mentality Of Acceptance

The former athlete opened up about her past conditions with binge eating and anorexia and how she has learned to love herself despite them all. She also talked about how she has been following her KP routine which makes her feel confident. "Of course, I'd love completely clear arms, but we all have our issues, and we have to love and accept our skin."