Penelope Cruz Stuns In Dazzling Red Dress

Penelope Cruz
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Triston Brewer

She is considered one of the premiere actresses in not only her native Spain, but worldwide, and Penelope Cruz continues to captivate with roles that intrigue her fans and prove her mettle as a versatile actress. The first Spanish woman to win an Oscar, she has dazzled audiences with a broad range of roles that have only expanded her repertoire and garnered her even more fans.

Penelope Is Bringing Supreme Glamour In Red Dress!

Aside from her acting career, she is also known for her stunning beauty and is a brand ambassador for luxury brands. With a huge social media fanbase, Cruz can be seen quite often showing her life off stage and behind the scenes. Her Instagram account is quite popular, with more than 6.2 million followers keeping track of her every move. The fashionista can be seen in a stunning red flowing dress that complements her figure and persona to perfection. With her wavy locks blowing in the wind, Penelope is the very picture of style and elegance! Her fans think they know all about her, but they may be surprised by some little-known facts.

Penelope Pursued A Career In Ballet

Penelope Cruz
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Raised outside of the capital city of Madrid in Spain, Penelope studied at the National Conservatory for nearly a decade, and she combined her studies there with more intensive training in classical and jazz dance. Later, she began studying theatre in New York City, and by 15, she had won a modeling competition and got cast on Spanish television and in music videos. These performances elevated her profile and led to her being seen by some of the biggest producers and directors in Spain, Europe, and The States.

Penelope Moonlights As A Hairdresser

Penelope Cruz
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It’s just a hobby for her, but if you were to ask some of her closest friends, they may claim otherwise! Penelope, unbeknownst to many, grew up in beauty salons as her mother worked in one, and this is where she watched her mother for hours on end. Learning about the industry from her other, Cruz began doing hair for people as well and came to love it. Today, she is considered the unofficial official beautician to her close friends!

Penelope Says No To Meat!

Penelope Cruz
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The movies that Penelope chooses typically have a huge impact on her life after she finishes filming, but probably none more than All The Pretty Horses. This is the film that convinced Cruz to give up meat forever. To this day, the actress is a vegetarian and embraces a more organic approach to staying healthy.