Brooke Wells In Bikini Says She's Just Getting Started

Brooke Burke close up selfie
instagram | Brooke Burke


Per her Instagram post, CrossFit athlete Brooke Wells is ready for the new season. She dominated the women's leaderboard at the CrossFit Opens earlier this year despite her recent Tommy John surgery. Commentators have rated her comeback as one of the best in the game and look forward to her doing equally well and even better when the Games begin this Summer.

Check it out below.

Hustling Till The End

Last year, she hustled to the finish line during her first games before flunking out mid-circuit when she dislocated her elbow on the floor. Wells looked fit in her black bikini jersey as the water from the sea dripped down her washboard body. She wore her blonde hair (which appears brown due to moisture) in a fishtail braid, reaching her mid-back, and her biceps bulged as she kayaked her way to the next competition.

Embracing Discipline For Success

Wells announced that she's ready for the CrossFit Games this year with a picture of herself training on the track at Lipscomb University, Nashville, Tennessee. She wore green sportswear consisting of a cropped top and shorts. As a fashion-conscious athlete, she added a blue-framed sunglass to her ensemble to keep the sun from entering her eyes and wore white running sneakers.

For Wells, there are two types of pain for athletes - Discipline or Regret -, and she chose the first. She prefers to hustle to the end rather than quit, which was why her compulsory withdrawal last year.

Back To Work

Wells is training with Rogue and PVRN fitness, and her routine includes pull-ups, ball-throw squats, four-wheeler pushes, and more for upper body strength.

Wells is also serious about maintaining a proper diet before and after her workout to avoid burnout. She thanked Paleo Power Meals for her meal preps because they saved her time she would otherwise spend on cooking.

"The last thing I want to do after a long training day is cook! and you can forget about me using my rest day to meal prep," she wrote.

Brooke Is Back!

Wells' motto for this year is to reach for the stars and keep going. The athlete feels like she has something to prove since she was deprived last year.

After topping the Mid Atlantic CrossFit Challenge, the official CrossFit Games Instagram page celebrated her return, saying,

"Brooke is back: in action, in a live CrossFit competition, in first place... Welcome back, @brookewellss."