Paris Hilton Is 'Sliving' In Bikini

Close up of Paris Hilton
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American socialite Paris Hilton continued her luxury lifestyle, which she calls Sliving at an all-night party last weekend. The 41-year-old shared throwback pictures of herself partying at the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas and revealed that she always has so much fun dressing up.

Hilton dazzled in her fancy bikini-inspired outfits, from a quirky Daisy piece to bright-colored neon tutus.

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Paris Put The 'Daisy' In 'EDC'

Paris Hilton in sheer dress
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Hilton wore a yellow one-piece swimwear with white floral petals breasts and green leaves on the bodice. The swimwear had white strings tying it, and she paired it with bright neon pink pop socks and a short chiffon tutu. Hilton, 41, also added a pink short fingerless glove and white-framed sunglasses to her ensemble, heavily accessorizing with beaded jewelry pieces and a white headband. The socialite carried a complimentary neon yellow tote bag in true Paris fashion and wore iridescent white pumps.

Daisies Everywhere

On another night, Hilton tapped into her inner Mariposa and wore a multi-colored pastel-shade tutu with a butterfly top bra. She let her bright blonde hair down in curls styling the front in a double puff with a braided crown. The model wore floral scrunchies on her puffs and cat-eared white-framed sunglasses.

Hilton was feeling the floral theme at the EDC as she incorporated the theme in another bikini outfit consisting of her signature hot pink-shade bra peppered with tiny daisy petals. She added a matching pink floral headband to her blonde hair for extra drama.

Riding A Scooter In Heels!

Paris Hilton rode a scooter in pumps because she can!

She surprised her team when she took up the idea that started as a joke saying, "I can do anything in heels." She also added a hot tip for her Sliving followers, telling them to wear whatever makes them feel luxurious.

"Some Queens are just born in heels 👑👠 Saturday Tip: Wear whatever makes you feel #Sliving! ✨"

Advocating Against Institutional Child Abuse

The best thing about Paris Hilton is that she's not all about superficial things as many people wrongly believe. Last week, she visited the White House and spoke about institutional child abuse. She shared her personal experience detailed in her 2020 documentary "This is Paris," about leaving home at 16 to go to a residential treatment facility to cure her Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD).

She wrote in her Instagram bio that she'd never stop fighting for those who were unable to speak up for themselves.