Melissa Gorga Shares 'What Really Matters In Life'

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Real Housewives of New Jersey star Melissa Gorga is a proud mother and she never stopped letting her two million-plus fans. The 43-year-old makes reality TV star uses her Instagram for business and familial posts especially ones about her children Antonia, Joey Jr., and Gino. Her latest Instagram share was a repost of a private message hailing her for raising her 16-year-old well.

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'Antonia Is Incredibly Motivated, Passionate, Responsible, And Respectful...'

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Melissa shared an email she received from Antonia's school praising her for her parenting skills. The message commended the 16-year-old for her good manners and academic and personal progress. Melissa wrote that "it's what matters the most in life." Here's a snippet from the email;

"...there is a group of students who have really stood out to me throughout the course of the year and Antonia is among them! Antonia is incredibly motivated, passionate, responsible, and respectful. I wanted to take this opportunity to compliment and thank you for raising such a wonderful child..."

A Late Mothers Day Message

Even though Antonia was late, she made sure to post a celebratory mother's day picture for Melissa. The post featured them wearing skintight outfits with the younger Gorga in a cut-out blue dress and the older Gorga in a black and Ivory romper. Both ladies could've passed as sisters as they smiled at the camera with a party in the background.

Spending More Time With Antonia

Melissa's relationship with Antonia is close, and it's helped the 16-year-old develop good manners. The 43-year-old admitted to her Instafam that spending time with Antonia makes her the happiest. They wore casual dresses to the Spring Fashion Show at GS Plaza Mall when Melissa hosted.

Antonia wore a blush pink high-low dress, and Melissa wore a floral multi-colored floor-length dress. They paired their gowns with jackets - Melissa a black leather style and Antonia a jean piece.

Prioritizing Her Family Keeps Her Sane

The Gorgas have a close-knit relationship and typically take group trips to strengthen their family ties. Joe and Melissa's big tagline on RHONJ is "Family is everything," and they display that in their daily lives. Melissa went on a dinner date with her family and explained how she manages her priorities.

"Everyone always asks me how I remain calm.. how I’m able to keep myself together.. priorities. This is all I worry about," she wrote.

Needless to say, Melissa Is A Proud Mother!