A Tour Inside Devin Booker's Luxurious Arizona Home

Devin Booker during a Phoenix Suns game
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When rumors surfaced that Phoenix Suns hero Devin Booker was leaving his Arizona estate and moving in with his girlfriend Kendall Jenner, the location of his residence became a bit of a mystery.

Those rumors, however, proved to be incorrect since Devin is not leaving his desert haven for a new one, and one glimpse inside will explain why.

Continue reading to see inside Devin's opulent Arizona home.

His Girlfriend's Decorators Designed The Mansion

Architectural Digest was given a tour inside Devin's home in February. During the tour, he praised the Clements crew, which happens to be the same crew that decorated his supermodel girlfriend's home. Kathleen and Tommy Clements of Clements Design designed the magnificent mansion.

Other high-profile celebrities who have used the service of the mother-son partnership include Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi, Jessica Alba, and Kris Jenner. So it wouldn't be a surprise if Devin received advice from one of the A-list celebrities to use the service of the decorators.

“I consider myself fortunate to be surrounded by people with great style. Whenever I walk into my friends’ homes, I’m like a sponge, asking questions and absorbing what I see,'' Devintold Architectural Digest. Devin's interest and curiosity are now on full display in his swanky Arizona mansion.

Inside The Mansion

In the main room, which he called "the great room," Devin showed off some of his custom-made furnishings. The Clements design team collaborated with LA-based Karan Brady Interiors for the unique furnishings.

“Devin loves to entertain, to be around his family and friends. It just so happens his friends are NBA players,” Kathleen Clements said.

That actually prompted the creation of 12-foot-long sofas and a bespoke poker table that would allow his tall teammates to sit comfortably.

The main room includes a fireplace and beautiful mountain views. In addition, a swimming pool, a fire pit, and a guesthouse with plenty of room for extra entertainment are found on the property's exterior.

Devin's Favorite Piece 

Devin and supermodel Kendall went on a road trip through the Grand Canyon State during the early days of the pandemic. One visit inspired him to buy a James Turrell art installation inside a volcano.

"We visited Roden Crater and were astonished by the experience,” Devin said, referencing the LED wall sculpture hanging on the wall in his dining room. “It’s one of my favorite parts of the home, having this beautiful piece of art that me and my guests can appreciate while enjoying a meal,” he added.

Devin's Arizona Home Is His Dream Home

The basketball player appreciates that his home's interior is something he has always fantasized about.

“When I was a kid growing up in Michigan, I’d close my eyes before bed and imagine what my house might one day look like. The size or shape of the home would be different depending on the night, but the interiors were always the same: modern with a bit of nostalgia in the mix," he recalled.

Devin no longer needs to close his eyes. Thanks to Clements Design, an AD100 agency based in Los Angeles, his dream is now a reality.

A Big Reveal

Devin particularly loves how the home gives guests a pleasant shock on their first visit.

"When someone approaches the house, it’s deceiving because it appears there’s not much going on," Devin explained about his home.

He continued, “But once people enter and they see the pool, the yard, and all the adjoining rooms, they’re taken aback. I love how a seemingly straightforward home can still be a big reveal.”

Devin seemed really excited about his Arizona stylish mansion and has over a million things to say about it. Indeed, the mansion is one of a kind, and the tour proves it.