Nastia Liukin In Swimsuit Cuddles With Shawn Johnson

Nastia Liukin sporting a fishtail braid posing sideways.
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Nastia Liukin showed love for her best friend and ex-teammate Shawn Johnson in an adorable photo that captured the two Olympians cuddling at the beach.

Dressed in a yellow one-piece swimsuit, Liukin cozied up to Johnson while the two were relaxing at the beach. Nastia shared the cute throwback photo on her Instagram account with a sweet message for her pal.

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Best Buddies

Nastia and Shawn were captured in a sweet embrace in the pic shared last year while smiling at the camera.

"throwback because I missssss you @shawnjohnson (and our malibu days)," Nastia wrote alongside the photo.

Following the sweet message, Nastia also invited her followers to tune in as they relived the 2008 Olympic Games. The duo live-streamed the moment on Instagram, thrilling their fans with the reunion.

Friends To Rivals

Shawn Johnson and Nastia Liukin holding their Olympic medals and posing together.
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Liukin and Johnson have gone through a lot, starting as friends and then becoming bitter rivals. There was a time they went nearly eight years without talking to each other.

"The entire world like plotted us against one another," Johnson shared in an interview. "As soon as all-around hit, it was like Nastia or Shawn. … We kind of felt like, well, they don't want us to be friends. They won't allow us to be friends."

The two reconnected and now have become closer than ever. "Sports is just such a small part of your life, yet a big part of your life," Liukin said. "It brought us together. It drove us apart. It brought us back together."

Closer Than Ever

Early this year, Liukin wished her best friend a happy birthday with a collection of their photos together, starting from their Olympic days to their more recent adventures.

"HOLY MOLY YOU'RE 30?!?!? Happy freaking birthday SJ! Miss you so much and can't wait to see you (and your cute babies and u too Andrew) very soon!!!! @shawnjohnson love you ❤️," she captioned the photo dump above.

Fans were glad to see the blast from the past. "Friends for life, so wonderful to see!" someone wrote in the comments.

"That first photo says so much. You can be friends and also competitors," another one said.

Still Competing

Nastia and Shawn may have resolved their Olympic rivalry, but that doesn't mean they can't do a little bit of healthy competition.

Now both retired from gymnastics, the two have been spending time together doing "challenges" to see who can one-up each other.

Last month, the champs met up and did a bunch of gymnastics challenges to entertain their fans. They are back to being friends but also back to competing!

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