Krissy Cela Flaunts Her Sculpted Hourglass Figure In A Revealing Black Gown

Krissy Cela takes a selfie.
Krissy Cela / Instagram

Fitness trainer Krissy Cela got open and honest with her 2.3 million Instagram followers in her latest update, in which she rocked a sexy black gown that showcased her hourglass curves to perfection.

In the first image, Krissy stood in a hallway area with a flight of stairs in the background, wearing a black gown that clung to every inch of her sculpted figure. A large statement light fixture dangled down from the ceiling, adding an elegant vibe to the image.

The garment had a low-cut neckline that revealed a tantalizing amount of cleavage. It had thin spaghetti straps that extended over her shoulders, leaving her arms on full display. The material hugged her slim waist before stretching back out over her shapely rear and toned thighs. The look was formfitting up to the knee, at which point the fabric cascaded to the ground in a mermaid silhouette.

She kept the accessories simple, wearing a golden bangle on one wrist and a pair of small hoop earrings. She held a black clutch bag in one hand and placed the other on the white wall nearby. She gazed right at the camera, and her brunette locks tumbled down her chest and back in coiffed curls.

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I remember when I first ordered and tried this dress on… the first thing I said to myself was “oh my god my boobs look so saggy and disgusting” My mum was with me (and of course buttons) and mum just looked and me and goes “what are you even talking about” Isn’t it funny how we bare so much negativity about ourselves that others may not even of noticed? If only I could count the amount of times I’ve cried myself to sleep over my skin (the video was taken this morning actually!) and the amount of times I’ve contemplated getting a boob job (nothing wrong if you do or don’t!) and not because anyone has said anything but because I’ve allowed a negative little voice consume the bigger picture. The truth is no matter who you are in this world we all have our own thoughts and spells of darkness… its called being human and that’s OKAY. But one thing I need to constantly remind myself and you as well is that the bigger picture is simple… I WOULD NEVER EVER say half the negative things I’ve said to myself to anyone around me or in this world. I would never be so negative to the people I love most, so why would we feel like its okay to do that to ourselves? Ive spent 8 years trying to “cure” my skin and find the best cosmetic surgeons for my boobies! (I wanted to delete that video of me in a dress because I hated my boobs so much) i spent a year on accutane which at the time I didn’t think caused me as much mental strain as it actually did… not to mention the weak joints and daily nose bleeds, all to try and constantly fix things. I constantly tell others to focus on how training makes them feel and I train because I truly feel like im doing something for me and no one can take it away… so why am I lettings a few spots and my boobs bring me down! Please remember the picture is bigger and so much more beautiful than you may think! Please remember how insanely special you are and use every single day as a day to do something for YOU and only you. Love you always & Forever

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The second slide was a video that focused on her face. In the third, she treated her audience to a further look at her dress with a short clip.

Krissy paired the trio of slides with a vulnerable caption that shared some of her feelings about her own body image, from her breasts to her skin. She encouraged her followers to look at themselves and their own bodies and beauty with positivity. Her followers absolutely loved the sweet message, and the post received over 193,700 likes within 20 hours of going live. It also racked up 2,909 comments from her audience in the same time span.

“Ah this almost made me cry. Seriously. This entire caption is my experience right now and that is crazy to me because you are absolutely perfect!” one fan wrote, touched by Krissy’s heartfelt words.

“Your soul is so genuine & beautiful,” another follower added.

“You look gorgeous!!! The fact that you are so real about who you are and everything is why I love you so much! Such an inspiration and it honestly helps me a lot!!” a third fan remarked.

Just last month, as The Inquisitr reported, Krissy showcased her sculpted rear in a pair of powder blue high-waisted leggings. She paired the bottoms with a sexy sports bra and shared several videos in which she showed the proper form for a variety of workouts targeting the booty.