Casi Davis Flaunts Curvaceous Physique In Tight White Booty Shorts On Instagram

Instagram model Casi Davis took to her social media page on Tuesday afternoon with a sultry snap posing in a skintight outfit, thrilling her 1.3 million followers. The post racked up over 5,000 likes in the first 35 minutes after it was uploaded.

Casi wore a sporty two-piece ensemble in a cream shade that flattered her fair complexion and hugged all her curves. The crop top had cap sleeves and a round neck, as well as a wide band that encircled her rib cage, just below the roundness of her pert breasts.

There was a small white tag sewn onto the outside of the piece, in the center of the back neckline. Casi credited the brand Bo + Tee in the caption.

The matching bottoms had a high waist that rested around the slimmest part of her petite frame but left a few inches of bare skin between the two pieces. She arched her back to emphasize the voluptuous swell of her derriere beneath the lightweight fabric.

Casi posed facing a large rectangular mirror with a mahogany frame. Both upper arms relaxed at her sides, and she bent her elbows and gently rested her fingertips against the glass.

She turned her head and looked over her left shoulder, gazing directly at the camera. Her huge blue eyes were defined by dark lashes and well-groomed brows.

Casi's high cheekbones and striking features were accentuated by a bright, even light that poured across her face. She parted her lips temptingly.

Her long, ombre tresses were parted just off-center and pulled into a ponytail at her nape. Loose golden waves spilled halfway down her back, grazing the inside of her right arm.

She accessorized with a gold-colored band around her left middle finger and a pair of thick hoops that dangled from her ears.

The reflected background displayed a doorway into a dark closet with high narrow shelving filled to the top with boxes and wicker baskets and a pair of white running shoes tossed on the floor behind her.

Casi's dedicated Instagram followers were quick to express their adoration for the stunning blonde. Most fans typed various strings of heart, flame, and peach emoji, as well as other symbols that indicated affection. Some chose to put their feelings into words.

"Don't ever leave us again Casi," begged one fan, referring to the caption, in which Casi acknowledged a week-long hiatus from posting on her social media account.

"Love that set on you," sweetly declared a second person.