Gwen Stefani And Gavin Rossdale's Son Zuma Broke Both Arms Within Six Weeks

Treva Bowdoin

On Wednesday, rocker Gavin Rossdale filmed a live cooking segment for the Haute TV YouTube channel. When he was finished whipping up his chicken dish and asparagus salad, the Bush frontman briefly spoke about one of the three sons he shares custody of with ex-wife Gwen Stefani. According to Gavin, 11-year-old Zuma broke his arm twice in a matter of weeks.

As he cooked in his kitchen at home, Gavin, 54, spoke to Haute Living's Laura Schreffler via Zoom. He was promoting Bush's new album, The Kingdom, but the topic of Zuma's two arm injuries came up when he was asked what he considers the "greatest luxury in life." Gavin quipped that "private jets" were the first thing that popped into his mind, but he said that what he really values most is "health," especially that of his family.

"Yesterday, my little boy Zuma, he had an accident, and he broke his arm," Gavin said.

The singer revealed that Zuma was on his bike when the accident occurred, and he also got a large gash on one leg that required five stitches. As if this wasn't bad enough for the little boy, Gavin revealed that Zuma had broken his other arm a few weeks earlier. He initially said that the first break happened two weeks before the second one, but he later corrected himself by stating that the injuries occurred six weeks apart. Luckily, Zuma's right arm had healed by the time be broke his left limb.

Gavin said that the first break happened when Zuma fell off a chair. He stated that his son had only been home for four hours after arriving from a place he described as "not here." This was likely a reference to Blake Shelton's property in Oklahoma. As previously reported by The Inquisitr, Gwen and Gavin's sons are still splitting time between their parents' places amid the coronavirus pandemic, and Gwen has spent the last few months self-isolating with her cowboy beau.

According to Gavin, Zuma is now wearing a brace on his arm, and he's handled his ordeal like a champ. The singer described his son as "brave" and "strong," and he joked that "he does his drugs every six hours" to deal with the pain caused by the injury. Gavin also suggested that Zuma's brothers, 14-year-old Kingston and 6-year-old Apollo, would have a much harder time dealing with back-to-back injuries.

"He's a really tough kid, and I'd be terrified if any of the other kids had to go through what he went through, because he's by far the toughest," he said.