Daniella Chavez Eats Nutella In An Insanely Tiny Bikini Top

Chilean bombshell Daniella Chavez served up a racy look in yesterday's Instagram post, sharing a photo of herself savoring a chocolaty treat while clad in a white string bikini top. In the snap, the busty Playboy model hopped up on a kitchen counter and had an open jar of Nutella by her side. She held a teaspoon dipped in the tasty hazelnut spread and playfully put it to her mouth, parting her lips as she seemingly licked the spoon. Her flirtatious gaze added to the strong sultry vibe of the shot, which also offered a gorgeous view of her busty curves.

Daniella demonstrated a creative way to wear a halterneck bikini top, tying the thin, spaghetti shoulder straps around her chest instead of behind the neck. The straps crisscrossed just above her cleavage, which was fully displayed by the minuscule triangle cups that only covered her nipples and little else. The buxom blonde was barely contained in the ruched number, flashing some major sideboob and appearing to almost burst out of her top. Another thin strap went around the chest line, keeping the skimpy top in place.

On her bottom half, the model wore red track pants, which were adorned with white stripes to match her swimwear. The ribbed waistline sat well below her navel, flaunting her trim midriff and flat tummy. The look exposed the side straps of her bikini bottoms, which were pulled high on her hip bones.

Daniella sat with one leg folded in front of her body, revealing that she was wearing white sneakers. She dangled her other leg over the counter and leaned on her free hand, straightening her back to push her voluptuous assets forward. The pose emphasized her hourglass frame, calling attention to her sculpted waist. Her killer abs were also on display, as were her slender arms and chiseled collar bone.

The blond beauty was all dolled up for the shot, rocking a chic, natural-looking glam that seemed to include voluminous lashes and discreet eyeliner. Her cheeks looked perfectly highlighted, and a pinch of blush gave color to her fair complexion. She wore a glossy red lipstick that mirrored to the shade of her sportswear, lending a sexy sheen to her lush lips. She painted her long nails a pastel pink color, showing off her stiletto manicure as she elegantly held the teaspoon to her lips. She sported understated gold earrings, which were barely visible under the sleek tendrils that framed her face. Her long, golden tresses were parted in the center and brushed back, tumbling down to her waist.

The upload soon became a fan-favorite, racking up more than 87,300 likes in the first eight hours of posting. The saucy look brought followers to the comments section by the masses, amassing 940 messages within the same time frame.

Among the commenters was fellow Playboy model Dasha Mart.

"Best," wrote the Russian hottie, adding a heart-eyes emoji.

"OMG you are absolutely gorgeous," gushed a second Instagram user, leaving a string of flattering emoji.

"Beautiful and stunning," a third fan said of the look.

"I love this girl," declared a fourth person, ending their comment with three fire emoji.