Kara Del Toro Stuns in Leopard-Print Bikini In New Photo Series

Kara Del Toro wears a red dress.
Emma McIntyre / Getty Images

Kara Del Toro treated her Instagram fans today to a new photo series of herself in a leopard-print bikini. There were two snaps, one that looked like a selfie and another of her striking an alluring pose.

In the first photo, the model offered a close-up look at her hair and makeup. She wore her hair down and brushed to her right side and smiled with her lips closed. Her makeup application appeared to include shimmery eyeshadow and pink lipstick. In addition, she accessorized with several silver necklaces, one with a heart-shaped charm.

Kara’s bikini top was strapless with a circular accent in the center that called attention to her cleavage. The tag in the post revealed that the ensemble was from Monday Swimwear. She laid on a graphic towel and raised the camera in the air to take the snap. The backdrop was tan with white horizontal stripes.

Her cheeks glowed in the light and she gave off a playful and sultry vibe.

In the second image, she posed standing up and leaning to the side in front of a plain wall. She tugged flirtatiously at her bottom side straps and placed her left hand on her thigh. Her curvy figure was on full show as her hair blew in the wind, making for a dramatic photo. Kara parted her lips and showcased her cleavage, tight abs, and curvy hips. The sunlight lit her up faintly and her tan looked especially dark.

In addition, in the background, the skies were blue with many, white wispy clouds. Along the bottom of the frame were several monochrome planters that were placed against the wall.

The share has garnered over 7,400 likes so far from her Instagram followers, including Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

“I might unlike this pic just so I can ‘like [sic] it again,” raved a social media user.

“Can you selfie more I need it thanks,” wrote a second supporter.

“Your every details are flawless,” gushed a third admirer.

“You are so sweet and beautiful,” declared another devotee.

The stunner also shared another sexy photo set a couple of days ago, that time sporting a silky set. Her top’s straps fell down her arms in varying degrees over three different snaps. The dark lime green tone contrasted well against her skin tone and she held a glass of what looked like wine in one hand. She wore her hair down with luxurious waves and accessorized with chunky earrings. The pictures were taken on a sunny day.