Daisy Keech Poses On All Fours In A Bunny Mask On Instagram

Daisy Keech has been posting pics from the beach lately on her Instagram page, but she switched things up today with a new snap of herself rocking a dress while indoors. The stunner posed on all fours on a wooden floor and rocked a bunny mask in celebration of International Women's Day.

The hottie struck the sexy pose in front of floor-to-ceiling windows on a sunny day with clear skies. The room had white trim along the floor with a tan accent. The blonde placed her right arm in front and propped her foot into the air. She arched her back to accentuate her booty, and glanced at the camera with a coy pout on her face. Her lips were closed, and she exuded sultry vibes. The bright blue sky offered a stark contrast to her trim figure as she put her body on show.

The black mini dress hugged her curves and featured thin straps with a high hem. She wore a matching mask with cutouts on her eyes and wore her hair down with her locks brushed around her shoulders. It didn't look like she wore many accessories, save for a ring on her finger, leaving the focus on her incredible physique.

The sensation wore a flirty makeup application with pink eyeshadow, dark mascara, and lipstick, although much of her face was obscured by the mask.

This update has been very popular among her fans so far, racking up over 64,400 likes in the first half-hour since it went live.

In addition, the post has received over 520 comments so far with many people responding to her long caption about International Women's Day, her new Instagram milestone, and some of the issues she's faced as a woman.

"Well every thing revolves around a woman so can't deny that," gushed a supporter, using two fire emoji to punctuate their message.

"Ayeee that's dope! Congratulations you strong a** women you," raved a second admirer.

"Happy women's day!! Happy 3 Mil," exclaimed a social media user.

"I love you daisy!such an inspiration!" wrote a fourth follower.

The sensation showed off her body in another Instagram post two days ago, that time opting for a black bikini top and light denim jeans. She sat at the beach on a white towel and held a bundle of small yellow flowers to her chest. Daisy wore her hair in a casual bun with her bangs framing her face, and she gazed at the camera and squinted slightly. She was drenched in sunlight and her skin glowed.