Model Georgina Mazzeo Stuns In A Revealing Gray Crocheted Bikini

Georgina Mazzeo poses for an Instagram selfie
Georgina Mazzeo / Instagram

Bang Energy girl Georgina Mazzeo impressed her followers on the last day of 2019 by posting a revealing photograph of herself wearing a salacious crocheted bikini. The model wowed her 1.7 million followers by showing off her incredibly toned physique.

The top half of Georgina’s bikini featured two triangular cutouts across her breasts. They tied together like a halter top. Small white beads adorned the fabric. Beneath the bra, several strings crisscrossed around Georgina’s rib cage.

It’s a sexy look and one that flaunted her ample cleavage. Her closed legs obscured the bottom half of her bikini from the camera, but it looked even more scandalous than the top.

Aside from her bust, the Instagram model impressed her fans with a glorious image of her toned abdomen and slender legs.

She pinned some of her hair back and left the remainder of it down and straightened, creating an elegant half-up, half-down look. Her bangs were left alone to frame her face. As for makeup, it doesn’t appear that Georgina wore much. She was wearing lip color, mascara, and little else.

Georgina shared the photo as a way to commemorate the year. She wrote her caption in Spanish, but it roughly translated to “last swimsuit photo of the year.” The stunner added a cheeky emoji.

The photo has received more than 114,000 likes and close to 1,000 comments since she shared it on Instagram yesterday.

The majority of Georgina’s comments were written in Spanish. Many of her fans complimented her body and good looks. However, many people also wished her a happy new year and hoped she would have a great decade ahead.

Those who couldn’t think of a good thing to say communicated with her via emoji. Most of her followers used flower and heart emoji to convey their feelings.

“Wish you happy new year stay happy always,” wrote one fan.

“Thank U, for all the pictures 2019 in with U transfering [sic] good energy & life…” said a second person.

Since Georgina claimed this photo was the last of 2019, some of her followers were eager to get confirmation that there would be more bikini snapshots in 2020.

“More in 2020 please!!!” exclaimed a third user.

Last week, Georgina shared another picture of herself wearing a gray bikini. That swimsuit was not made of crocheted fabric, but it was equally sexy. The beauty posed by reclining in front of a wall marked by blue writing. Her enviable breasts and taut belly were visible in that photo as well.