‘World’s Hottest Weather Girl’ Yanet Garcia Shows Of Toned Bod In Pink Bra & Leggings


Yanet Garcia shared a new Instagram video yesterday, which she coupled with a still photo. In both updates, she rocked a light pink ensemble. The outfit consisted of a sports bra and super tight leggings.

The video clip was fairly short and showed Yanet walking outside. Behind her was a wall made of concrete blocks. She faced the camera diagonally and walked a couple of steps when the video slowed down.

And in slo-mo, Yanet could be seen turning around, as her hair flipped around her. At the same time, she placed her left hand on her forehead.

So far, the clip has been watched over 612,000 times.

The video prompted many of Yanet’s fans to joke about why someone would turn around like that.

“That moment you realise you left something and have to go back to get it,” said a fan.

“Tmw when you feel your pockets or check your purse and there’s no phone,” said another fan.

“Me every time i go out thinking that I haven’t locked the door behind me,” joked a follower.

Others expected something different.

“Thought you were going to throw a crazy kick,” said a follower.

“Here I thought she was gonna attempt a backflip,” said another follower.

But not everyone understood the clip.

“Lol what is this suppose to be,” asked a fan.

“You’re just the best at turning around,” complimented another fan, who seemed to get the point of the video.

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Meanwhile, there were also many fans that left nice compliments for Garcia.

“You are so beautiful,” said a fan.

“You juat made my day girl…keep being beautiful,” said another fan.

“Spread your happiness louder,” noted a follower.

“Keep going girl,” encouraged another follower.

And prior to sharing the video, Yanet posted a photo of herself wearing a similar outfit, except this time, she wore not just the leggings and sports bra, but also a pink hoodie.

The weather girl was spotted sitting down by a wall, as she placed her elbows on her knees. She also wore her hood up and glanced at the camera with a serious look on her face. Her wavy hairstyle peeked through, as she also placed a water bottle by her feet.

Yanet’s entire outfit consisted of light and dark pink tones, including her shoes and lipstick.

The photo has been liked over 175,000 times.

For now, fans can hope for more updates from Yanet. It’s been a while since she’s shared a bikini pic, although she’s been sharing plenty of photos of herself rocking workout gear.